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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap Plane Tickets

Isn’t traveling a dream? The exotic destinations, the unique food and people, the excitement of adventure, how expensive it all is….wait. Traveling can definitely be expensive, especially when it comes to plane tickets, making it feel like it’s impossible to go anywhere. We can help. Check out this guide we put together to help you find the cheapest plane tickets out there!

Use ~Incognito Mode~ to see the lowest prices

What? Does this really make a difference? Surprisingly, yes it can. Browsers track your search history and can see if you’ve been looking at a particular flight. If so, the airlines are notified of this and might raise their prices to encourage you to buy quicker. Not good. With incognito mode (every browser has it), you can hide your search history so you’ll have a better chance of finding those lower prices.

Use flight search engines

Instead of looking individually at each airline’s website for the cheapest flights, use search engines that automatically do that for you. Some of our faves are Google Flights and Skyscanner. Just enter where you want to fly out of, your destination, the dates, and see the cheapest flights across all airlines. T-god for the 21st century, right?

Book a departure date that’s during the week

Often times, it’s cheaper to fly out during the week than it is a weekend. If your date is flexible, look for tickets a few days before and after to see if it makes a difference in price. A lot of the flight search engines will even have an interactive calender that shows what the price is to fly to your destination on each day.

via Google Flights

Find the cheapest places to fly in and out of

Just like dates, airports also range in prices. Smaller airports will be more expensive to fly out of than larger ones, so airports like LAX and JFK are always good options. Flight search engines can also help with this (reason #56 why they are great). They usually have a map displaying cities around your selected destinations and what the price is to fly in to each one. So again, if you’re flexible, use this to find a cheaper destination to travel to.

Sign up for emails to see price drops and deals

Yes, we did just tell you to put your name on a mailing list. But for good reason. Once you enter your flight info into the…(wait for it)…flight search engine, you can sign up for email alerts that let you know when the price for that route drops, or if any airlines are offering any deals that you can take advantage of.

We hope this helps you to plan your next adventure!

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