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Tilt: The Company Behind the Chainsmoker’s Tilt-Tour

Remember that huge, hectic rush to get Chainsmoker tickets? Remember how only 800 of us could snag them before the website crashed because almost EVERYONE at Cal Poly was trying to get them? Well. Her Campus remembers, and has a lot of questions about it. Out of nowhere, the ticket sale event was being shared and seen all over our feeds, all centered around the website Tilt.

We sat down with Tilt, the website hosting the Tilt Tours, to ask them a few questions about their company, the concert tours, and everything Tilt. Check out our interview with Natassia Nettleman, the head of Public Relations and Communications at Tilt.

HC: Her Campus was really intrigued about Tilt after the Chainsmoker’s ticket blowout sale a couple weeks ago (800 tickets sold in 2 hours!) – do a lot of college campuses use Tilt for events like this?

NN: Tilting concerts is definitely a new trend we’re starting to see. Students most frequently use Tilt for more everyday, bite-size things like philanthropy t-shirt orders, party buses, group tickets, renting a weekend ski house, birthday gifts and so on. We have had students bring artists to campus on their own. For example, a San Diego State student had a dream to bring hip-hop artist G-Eazy to San Diego for an end of semester concert last year. Artists often skip the San Diego scene and head straight to LA and SF. He rallied the SDSU greek community to get behind him and used Tilt to raise the funds (to pay G-Eazy’s artist fee) from his friends, fraternity brothers and the SDSU community. G-Eazy got word of this grassroots efforts and agreed to come play for SDSU students if they could sell at least 600 tickets. He ended up selling over 1200 tix and the concert happened the next month.

We had never seen this before, selling tickets to a concert that wasn’t even booked. Tilt brings opportunities like this to life. We’re excited to see how the #TiltTour does and plan more from there. Every person who buys a ticket has skin the game and will feel personally responsible for bringing the the artists to their school.

HC: We love that nothing is paid for until the money is raised; that is a huge worry for college students. We want to do a lot of things for group gifts, road trips, etc. but are afraid of people flaking out on actually paying. What other Tilt features should Cal Poly students know about?

NN: Whenever students need a way to pool money with their friends, they can use Tilt and set the minimum amount, or the “Tilt amount,” necessary to achieve this goal. No student is charged unless the minimum goal is met, so really the entire campaign is a completely risk-free, win-win opportunity. It’s free and the funds are deposited within 1-2 business days into the organizer’s account. Another feature we offer is our “sell something” feature – students can sell t-shirts, tickets to an event or passes for a fundraiser, and it’s based on a number total vs. dollar amount total; if you sell 26 t-shirts to your sorority sisters, you can purchase exactly 26 t-shirts. Venmo is good for 1:1 transactions but when you need to collect $30 from 15 people, Tilt is definitely the way to go.


HC: What is the Tilt Tour? Should we expect more concerts on the way?

NN: The Chainsmokers wanted to create the first-ever fan-sourced tour… Here’s the background: Back in October the Chainsmokers announced the fan-sourced college tour using Tilt. The Chainsmokers agreed to play in the first six cities to pre-sell 800 tickets. Cal Poly SLO was one of the six schools to sell out (in less than an hour and a half). The entire Chainsmokers #TiltTour sold out in less than two hours! That’s more than 4,800 tickets sold with less than 24 hours notice that the Chainsmokers were headlining the first ever fan-sourced tour.

Thus all our frustration when all 20,000 Cal Poly students tried to snag those tickets!


HC: How do students most often use Tilt?

NN: Tilt is one of the fastest growing apps on college campuses today. Students from around the globe are using Tilt to turn their ideas, large and small, into reality. Whether it’s coordinating a party bus, renting a house for spring break, splitting bills like rent or utilities, raising funds for philanthropies, or buying a birthday gift, Tilt makes it easy to collect money with your group on a daily basis. The best part? It’s free.

HC: If someone is interesting in getting involved with Tilt (becoming an ambassador), how can they get involved?

NN: Become a Tilt ambassador for your campus! As a Tilt ambassador, you will play an integral role for one of the fastest growing apps on college campuses, not to mention all Tilt ambassadors receive free VIP tickets for the #TiltTour. Apply here!

Tilt ambassador, you say? It makes sense; with this startup growing so much, especially in college towns, we can completely understand why they’d want scouts out and about trying to promote Tilt. That’s why we e-mailed Gregory Day, one of SLO’s very own Tilt Ambassadors. We wanted to know how he got involved, why, and what he liked about working for Tilt. It seems like a dream-come-true-opportunity to involved yourself in a rewarding, good-intentioned company. Check out our interview below:

HC: How did you first use Tilt/for what event?

GD: My first use of Tilt was within Delta Tau Delta for our first annual Delt the Halls Christmas dinner date party.  The tilt was used to purchase “ugly” Christmas sweaters for brothers and their dates to commemorate the event.  Tilt made it easier to track who paid, what sizes the sweaters needed to be, and keep all this information in one spot.  Tilt also makes it easier to motivate our brothers to purchase sweaters because if we don’t reach our goal, aka when the event tilts, they know no one will get sweaters. It takes the stress out of one person being responsible for fronting money and getting paid back and it’s free.

HC: How can Cal Poly students specifically start using tilt?

GD: Obviously, the first step is to download Tilt.  Anyone can benefit from using Tilt at Cal Poly, organizations big and small to groups of friends planning a spring break trip.  Tilt can be used to raise funds for your Relay for Life team that is coming to Cal Poly in late April.  With spring quarter coming up, I know that my friends and I will be using Tilt to organize some barbeques to enjoy the great SLO weather.  I encourage people to get creative with using Tilt since until the event actually tilts no one gets charged, there is little risk when planning and contributing to events.

See? This company is way more than another website to buy tickets on; it’s a great platform that allows students to organize and fund their own events, fundraisers, group gifts, and, really, anything! Small or big. Check out their website here the next time you plan to host a philanthropic event, need funds for your best friend’s 21st birthday, or want to donate some money to a good cause!

Also, keep up with Her Campus as we cover the Chainsmoker’s Concert on the 30th! With special access and press passes, Her Campus will give you all an insider’s look into the Tilt Tours and this infamous concert! 

Dakota Greenwich is a Cal Poly 3rd year English Major, studying for her undergraduate and minors in linguistics and graphic communications. This is her 2nd year writing for Her Campus and in her spare time, she works at the Kennedy Library, studies, and blogs. She loves to discuss and research current social issues including women's rights and political issues. If you don't see her working at my campus library or studying, you can find her at her favorite coffee shop, Scout Coffee, reading a thriller novel.
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