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photo i took of a clothing rack in my bedroom with my clothes on it
photo i took of a clothing rack in my bedroom with my clothes on it
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Sustainable Ways to Embrace Trending Y2K Fashion

It’s no secret that trends tend to recycle, and we’re seeing proof now with the resurgence of Y2K fashion trends. Y2K, short for “the year 2000”, includes styles that were popular around the time that many of the now-wearers were born. It features staple pieces like baby tees, lots of denim and mini skirts. The unfortunate truth is that trends do not tend to last long, and buying a whole new wardrobe for a short-lived fashion phase is not typically sustainable. However, here are a few ways to participate in the trends while still staying fairly eco-friendly. 

  1. Explore the Thrift Store

Luckily, a reborn trend means that lots of clothing that fits the mold already exists. As such, your local thrift store is a great place to start looking. If you can’t find what you’re looking for nearby, you can also check out online sites like ThredUp for gently used clothing to repurpose in your outfits.

  1. Search your Own Closet

A lot of essentials for your outfits can be found in your existing closet, or by making slight modifications. Watch this tutorial for a couple of ways to easily and cost-effectively transform your clothes.   

  1. Buy from Sustainable Brands

Lots of Y2K-style outfits revolve around singular statement pieces and versatile accessories, meaning you don’t need a ton of parts to create an outfit. If you do need to buy a couple of new pieces, check out this website. It lists several brands that are sustainably made, so you can purchase new items without participating in fast fashion. 

While styles may come and go, others resurge over the years. Using these tips, hopefully you find ways to incorporate this trending style while remaining sustainable. 

Emi Nishida

Cal Poly '24

Emi Nishida is a second year English major and Child Development minor from Irvine, California. She serves as an editor and editorial writer for Cal Poly’s chapter of Her Campus. Other than writing, her passions include concerts, romcoms, anything arts & crafts, and exploring the outdoors.
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