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Struggling Through Finals Week As Told By Tina Belcher

Possibly one of the most lovable characters on TV, Tina Belcher of “Bob’s Burgers,” embodies all that is the awkward teen years. Even though she may not be in college, Tina knows how to express herself in a way that all us collegiettes can relate to, especially when it comes to finals week.

When you begin studying the night before your final but quickly lose motivation when you realize how much material you have to cover in the next 12 hours: 

So you decide to drink your weight in coffee to stay focused, resulting in the buzziest of caffeine buzzes: 

The caffeine kept you awake but just barely. No matter how many flashcards you still need to make, your mind keeps wandering to summer dreamlands: 

When you finally snap back to reality, you drudge through hours of material, dreading every second that brings you closer to your exam: 

But this will get you nowhere! You quickly remind yourself that YOU TOTALLY GOT THIS: 

Then you pull out your syllabus to double-check you covered everything. Turns out you completely forgot the first three weeks of the class and have to study for the rest of the night anyways just to get a passing grade. Your whole career is probably based on this one class and your future is just spiraling downwards as the night drags on: 

You wake up after two hours and 19 minutes of sleep (hey, every minute counts) to pump yourself up and practice your “everything’s fine” face: 

After arriving at your classroom, you begin to talk to your classmates and pretend that you’re confident about not completely breaking down into a puddle of tears and iced coffee in the middle of the final: 

It’s time. You enter the room, sit in your usual tiny desk and stare down the blank test. Even though you have bags of exhaustion under your eyes, you feel the adrenaline building up inside you:

After two hours of second-guessing the “all of the above” option on the multiple-choice part, you’re DONE. You turn it in and promptly slump into anxiety and self-doubt: 

But not for long! You have more finals. Finals week is like hell jail: 

Summer finally begins so you try to forget the blur that was your finals week. But then you find out that you passed the class and summer break is made that much sweeter: 

Valentina Sainato is a 5th year English major and Ethnic Studies minor at Cal Poly SLO. She loves to read, always having a book in hand. She's also a devoted dancer who knows 12 different styles, and runs the SLO swing dancing scene. When she isn't working as a writing tutor, you can find her at any coffee shop in town (probably reading) or trying her best at the gym. Valentina is thrilled to be a writer and the senior editor for Her Campus Cal Poly!
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