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The Struggle of Getting Your Bikini Body: As Told By Disney Princesses

Summer. It fills everyone’s minds with images of melting ice cream, taking shade under a tree, and beach outings. When the first warm day arrives, I blow the dust off my bikini and sigh. Unfortunately, the beach makes me think of all the Girl Scout cookies I ate in February that went straight to my belly. So, every spring, I challenge myself to eat better and exercise a little more so I can achieve a healthy, toned bikini body for summer. Not only does it make me happy and healthy, it keeps me energized all spring quarter.  

Here’s my personal journey I have every spring and who better to help me explain it than my idols, the lovely princesses of Disney?

1. Accepting that you should be living a little healthier.

As long as it tastes good, I’ll eat it!

2. Creating the most ideal Pinterest Board, this includes workout outfits, workouts, recipes, motivation quotes and much more.

I currently have a “Becoming a Buff Babe” board and it is glorious!

3. Scheduling when, where and who you want to work out with.

With the “who”, friendly peer-pressure and bribing can make even the most stubborn of your friends crack and go to the gym with you at least once.

4. Buying all the Kale! (And other healthy food things)

One of my favorites! Again, as long as I can make it healthy and good tasting, I’ll eat it!

5. Going to the gym, working out and realizing this is harder than you thought.

My body is crying from that workout. Why did I eat that whole Ben & Jerry carton of Cherry Garcia?!?!?!?!?

6. Feeling super sore the next day and giving yourself a day to “rest”.

Sleep heals your body so I’ll just sleep in all day after working out.

7. Giving yourself a week to “rest” and you eat a whole cake.

I mean I did work out that one time so I deserve to reward myself right. Madonna Inn cake is only good if you eat the whole cake.

8. Realizing it would be easier to give up now than later right?

I mean who actually goes to the beach anyways.

Just a nasty sunburn and sand everywhere.

9. Going to Victoria Secret’s for a panty sale, seeing your dream bikini and buying it to be your motivator.

If it is bedazzled and strap-less I run miles for it.

10.  Getting through that first month and feeling proud!

Holy cow! I did it! I make it for a month and this is sure easy J

11.  Overtime, it becomes habit and summer is here!

Sven in this gif knows what’s up. Cherry Pie is my all-time favorite dessert ever!

12.  Feeling healthy and happy you put that Victoria Secret bikini on and go on that first summer beach outing

Fierce, flawless and fabulous! That’s how I feel :)

Davis is a 4th year Dairy Science major who has a passion for tea, dressing up her rabbit, playing Pokemon and making every Disney movie she watches a sing-along.Davis tries her best to incorporate her bubbly personality into all her articles.Davis thanks you for taking the time out of your busy lives to observe and reflect on her (mostly) silly articles.Enjoy! 
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