The Stages of Becoming Best Friends with Someone as Told by Parks and Recreation

We all have friends who we can’t imagine life without. You’ve been friends forever but can’t remember how it all started. Looking back, it happened so quickly so it’s interesting to break it down and see how everything happened. Friendship levels are a real thing, and let's all admit we've said, "we just aren't at that level yet!" Check out each of the friendship levels below:

Seeing them for the first time


Complimenting them to break the ice

And again to try to win them over

And once more for good measure

Trying to make them think you have your life together

Stalking them on social media to know what you’re getting yourself into

Putting one too many exclamation marks and emojis in your texts so you seem excited

Starting to like them more than they like you

Discovering you have mutual interests

Going out for the first time together

Passively judging the other’s poor decisions

Actively judging the other’s poor decisions

Making up after a first fight

Embracing each other’s quirks

Learning each other’s secrets

Understanding everything they say (despite how little sense it makes)

Discovering you can be 100% yourself with them

Messing with each other just because you can

Accepting that you will see each other at your worst

Watching someone else call your friend their best friend

Becoming unphased by their habits

Becoming a force to be reckoned with

That is always in sync

Knowing just what it takes to brighten their day

Not remembering how it was to not be friends

Now when you see each other it’s a whole lot of this

And this


To all our friends:

Becoming friends with someone isn’t always the easiest experience, but it’s well worth the ups and downs.