The Rock Empowerment Anthem Every Female Needs


The newest generation of women are being taught that they are independent creatures and that they do not need anybody but themselves to determine their self worth. This spike in female confidence is allowing the feminist movement to take over, and the underrated anthem this movement needs is the song “She’s in Love With a Camera” by the glitter rock band The Struts. Not only is the tune a complete BOP that is ridiculously fun to dance with all your girlfriends, it also completely embodies female empowerment in an extremely modern way: emphasizing self love through photographs. 


The song is sung from the perspective of a man in awe of his girlfriend. He says, “If I’m in, or if I’m not, she doesn’t care, she’s in love with a camera.” This implies that his girlfriend doesn’t need him … only a camera. While, at first, this may come across as conceited, it is truly a power move on the girlfriend’s part. She’s not letting her boyfriend dictate how she views or values herself. She is the only determining factor, and he is there merely for self indulgence. Futhermore, the song highlights men’s place in the feminist movement by respecting a woman’s right to act and display themselves how they see fit. The lyrics, “She keeps me waiting but I don’t mind, make sure the lightings hitting on her good side,” proves the man has respect for his girlfriend, and he is acknowledging what is important to her. He is not overrun by jealousy or feels the need to control her or her appearance in fear of how other men might react. 


Additionally the song brings to light the importance of women wanting to photograph themselves. Many people disregard selfies and such as a clear mark of self absorption and vanity. Selfies, however,  are quite the opposite. They are a method of self love. When someone takes a picture of themselves … and subsequently posts it to a social platform, they are putting themselves in a vulnerable position. They are opening themselves up to critiques from the world on a post that they really enjoy. When a woman posts a picture of themself, they are displaying extreme amounts of confidence and basically telling the world that they think they look fly as hell and that they don’t care who knows it. The Strut’s jam solidifies the idea that women are courageous and self-assured and that self love is the only love one needs. 


The anthem debuted to a mainstream audience in December of 2018 when The Struts performed at the Victoria Secret Fashion show, roughly a month after the song was released on their album Young and Dangerous. Playing it at a high end fashion show is another nod to female empowerment. Modelling is an industry stereotyped for being full of brainless yet attractive women and is constantly criticized; but it is one of the most feminist progressive businesses out there. There is nothing wrong with a woman capitalizing off of her good looks. Physical appearances are something women for generations have been taught are valuable in society, so it is brilliant that they are using theirs to their advantage. It is a total power move. By placing an association on the song with models, the song is further emphasizing the idea that women only need themselves in order to thrive. 


“She’s in Love With a Camera” is a rock anthem every woman needs because it reminds them that their worth is not determined by a man, or a partner, or a friend, or a random internet troll. Their worth is what they believe it to be. Aside from this, the song is an overall TOTAL BANGER and is rock, which is a genre notoriously filled with women who give zero fucks about what others think of them. So please, go to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, your local record store … any place where you can listen to this hit, turn it up loud, and strut on.