Reasons Why You Should Go to the Palm Theater

Dollar popcorn....

I’m dead serious too.

Okay, but besides that, (which is amazing since all of us live on a college budget - and they use real butter too!) the Palm Theater is an amazing part of San Luis Obispo that’s greatly overlooked by the student population. And it’s because no one really knows about it. All of us see the blockbuster Hollywood movies that play at Downtown or Fremont.

Along with having amazing movies, tickets are super affordable, with general admission only $9.00 and their Monday bargain nights only $5 -perfect for date nights!

They show great varieties if you want to see the next Christopher Nolan movie, but maybe consider the Palm the next time you and your friends are deciding what to do Saturday night.

But Indie films? Most people I talk to that haven’t watched any independent films seem nervous to try them. The idea of watching something completely unknown is a little daunting to some people. But let us tell you, Independent Films are downright amazing. Unlike the Hollywood blockbusters that try and cater to the biggest group of people possible, independent films have the ability to create movies for niche people, giving a wider range of topics and themes discussed. Most actors got their start in independent films too, like George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Ellen Page, and Johnny Depp. So who knows, maybe the next indie film you see may star your new favorite actor!

So the next time you and your friends are wondering what to do on the weekends, try the Palm theater, and see an marvelous independent film!