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Quiz: What Fashion and Style Blog Should You Check Out?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

Blogs are great. Before the internet, the average person’s only real outlet for fashion was magazines. Magazines are still really cool, but they mostly show high fashion—stuff that’s not very wearable or very attainable. But blogs are by the people for the people; they let a normal, real live woman share her style with the world. Fashion inspiration is just a click away! That being said, the massive influx of fashion bloggers in the last few years can leave a gal overwhelmed, so take this quiz and I’ll suggest a blog for you to peruse.


1. Which word describes how you see your style?

            W: Glamourous

            P: Trendy

            J: Unfussy

            F: Bohemian

            A: Eclectic

2. You have an unlimited budget for an hour—where do you shop?

            B: The newest boutique downtown

            J: Free People

            E: J. Crew

            I: Nasty Gal

            A: Kate Spade

3. You’re on the fence about buying a clothing item you really like but is kind of pricey—what criteria should it meet to make the cut?

            L: Is it classy?

            W: Does it go with clothes I already have?

            U: Does it make a statement?

            O: Is it fun?

            Q: Is it fashion-forward?

4. What’s your stance on makeup?

            Z: I might accessorize with winged liner or a lip-stain, but nothing too heavy.

            E: I have a go-to makeup routine that’s flattering but relatively simple.

            T: I go all out—a full face of precise, pristine makeup, often with some bold element.

U: A “no-makeup” makeup look that’s actually been finely tuned to make me look incredible.

            R: Bright red lips are the life of the party!

5. Which song lyrics describe your ideal home?

            E: “I wish they all could be California…”

            L: “Home is wherever I’m with you…”

            D: “The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland…”

            Z: “I’ll make a brand new start of it in New York, New York…”


If your answers spell (or almost spell) WALTZ…

Check out Keiko Lynn for a taste of a New Yorker it-girl’s high life. Keiko’s look is put-together, classy, vintage-inspired, and often glamorous. She always struck me as rather preppy and mod-inspired but lately her style has had a hipster aftertaste as well. But regardless of personal fashion taste, if you like makeup you gotta check this girl out. Her makeup looks are always all-out and precisely applied, ranging from wearable daytime looks to bold new trendy ones. Also, her adorable dog…

and equally adorable blogger boyfriend are often featured on the site.

If your answers (mostly) add up to PIQUE…

Sincerely Jules is a perfect example of how Los Angeles has given New York a run for its money in the fashion world. NYC may still be the hub of high fashion industry, but street style is alive and well in the Golden State and blogs let the world see that! Jules’ outfits are always lux, interesting, and fashion-forward. She puts a Cali-cool spin on east-coast glamour. Her look is never complete without sunglasses, beachy waves, and a tan. West Coast represent!


If your answers resemble the word JEWEL…

If you’re a minimalist or dig the norm-core trend, or just like things to be simple then Un-Fancy is the blog for you! Also, if you’re someone who really likes stylish clothes but is trying to curb your spending, this blog is a great tool. It’s all based on Caroline’s method of wardrobe simplification called the Capsule method. In a nutshell, she only allows herself a certain number of clothing items per season. So she’s all about buying items that can be mixed and matched many different ways. Her personal style does err towards neutral colors and pieces, but her outfits are still very cute and stylish, as well as well-accessorized.

If your answers look like FJORD…

Shy Girl Loud Voice is my latest obsession, and soon it will be yours. Kacie is totally bohemian and totally stylish. She puts outfits together in such fun and interesting ways and has a collection of really cool and unique pieces (a funky mix of Free People and Forever 21). Her fashion philosophy is this: “I believe in wearing whatever you want when you want to no matter where you’re going or who will see you. Fashion is your personal expression, don’t compromise it and don’t be afraid.” It’s no surprise that this free spirit lives in Portland.

If your answers consist of letters also comprising the term ABUZZ…

Street style photographers love tracking down off-duty models; well, at Natalie Off-Duty New York fashion model Natalie takes out the middle man and shares her life and style with the blogosphere. As a model she has access and exposure to the world of fashion unlike other ordinary bloggers. Though she’s acquired an eclectic wardrobe, she has a funky personal style that shows through. Her luxuriously-layered ensembles are often tomboyish, and her hair and makeup looks are somehow both refined yet effortless.

Honorable mentions go out to Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno, Delightfully Tacky, Goldfish Kiss, and Man Repeller (seriously, you all need to check out Man Repeller—they recently started a rad little video series with amazing guests from the fashion community). I hope I’ve given you new fodder for procrastinating on the internet; even more, I hope I’ve pointed you to a blog that inspires you to express yourself. Whatever your personal style is, it is just that: yours. Now go forth and fashion! 

I'm just a SoCal kind of gal who loves the sunshine. I just transferred to Cal Poly SLO and so far I'm digging it. Like many an English major before me, I like reading and writing, but I also really love movies, magazines, tv, blogs, etc. When I'm not consuming media some hobbies of mine that actually involve me going outside and moving are yoga, sailing, and playing with other people's dogs.
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