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Poly Profile: Katie Gezi, Editor Extraordinaire

Watch out, world. Here comes Katie Gezi and she’s a powerhouse. This is a woman who knows what she wants in life and knows exactly how to get it. Unlike many English majors (heck, unlike many college students), for years, Katie has a clear idea of what she wants from her future, which is to be successful. No, she doesn’t mean that she wants to be rich and famous or powerful. She wants to be happy, doing what she loves.

For Katie, that means editing books. One of her primary goals in life is to one day be an editor in a large publishing company, probably in New York. By the sound of it, she’s not going to let anything slow her down. In fact, Katie already has an impressive resume. She works as a graduate thesis editor. She’s already edited and published an edition of Stephen Bateman’s The Trauayled Pilgrim (1569), a difficult challenge for any scholar, let alone a first-time editor.

Apart from that, Katie enjoys a multitude of other activities, making a point to involve herself with campus activities. For instance, for the past two years she has been Co-President of the College of Liberal Arts Ambassador, spreading awareness of its resources and strengths. She’s also rehearsing for Inertia, the annual spring dance show scheduled to run May 25-27. If you can’t wait until then to catch her moves, Katie also teaches Zumba at the Rec Center where she inspires entire groups of people to shake it (whatever ‘it’ is).

Overall, Katie works extremely hard to succeed by staying organized, focused, and on track towards her goals. She knows what she wants and not even the fear of rejection can stop her: “Try everything and don’t be afraid of being rejected because rejection is really good.” Katie believes that the best thing a person can do is to be self-aware, to also keep in mind one’s strengths but to also know any weaknesses and improve upon them. As for Katie, her determination keep her rocketing forward into her future, and for her, it’s looking bright.

Bailey Satterfield is a 4th-year English major studying creative writing. She joined Her Campus to surround herself with people who care about Cal Poly and its people.
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