Poly Places: Poly Plant Shop

On the outskirts of campus just across from the horse stables sits a hidden gem: the Poly Plant Shop. It is both a peaceful sanctuary and perfect place to buy gifts for friends and family. The shop meets all of your floral needs from arrangements, to corsages, to potted plants to free on-campus delivery.

The Poly Plant Shop is a true example of Cal Poly’s “Learn by Doing” motto. It gives students the chance to work within various aspects of garden management and operation. It is no wonder why our School of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences was recently ranked fourth in the nation by Campus Explorer.

The shop is filled with luscious plants, and every season brings in new variety. The plethora of gorgeous greenery, flowers and succulents are available inside and outside of the shop. The back patio, bursting with seasonal colors, is quaint as can be. The sun peaks through the wood beams overhead, letting in streaks of light that leave stripes covering the plants. A perfect view of Bishop Peak is framed by the foliage in the back. It is probably one of the loveliest places to be on campus on a nice, sunny day.

The Poly Plant Shop is one more reason why Cal Poly is such an amazing place to go to school. It is incredible that such a haven exists just a 15-minute walk from the main campus. Visiting the Poly Plant Shop is a great study break or adventure to take with friends. And while you’re there, you mine as well pick up some flowers or a succulent for a friend or yourself.