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Poly Places: The Massage Chair

Have mid-terms sent you over your breaking point? Is Friday just not close enough?

If this sounds like you, take fifteen minutes out of your day to stop by the RELAX room’s massage chair in the lower level of the health center.

This chair is the do-all, cure-all for stress. The panel has five pre-set settings: Shiatsu, Deep, Swedish, Stretch and Quick in addition to other inclining features and “style” including: ultra knead, thumb, fist and palm. You can customize your massage with the different buttons, or simply sit back and relax to one of the pre-set massages.

If you need a full body massage, the stretch setting is the way to go. Stretch targets every muscle from your temples to your toes, so sit back and enjoy this one.

Aside from the quality back massage, you’ll also get arm and leg massages. During the massage cycle, the handles come down onto your arms, almost like a flat-iron, applying pressure and releasing tension. The leg massage on the chair is equally as efficient in releasing tension. The machine works so that your calves are squeezed tightly with a hugging and squeezing type of pressure. You really can’t go wrong with the leg massage considering that everyday at Cal Poly is leg day.

For those of you who aren’t ticklish and need to de-stress from studying and work, this massage chair will do you justice.

Megan Schellong is a Journalism junior at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Megan loves puns, NPR, photography and running (occassionally). When she's not writing, Megan enjoys finding new music on Spotify and reading through as much of the news in her Twitter feed as possible. This year will be Megan's second year with Her Campus and she is excited for what's to come!
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