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Pinterest Fail or Win: Fall Fleece No-Sew Blanket

Pinterest, otherwise known as the birthplace of D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) projects, has become a staple for college girls everywhere. When we’re not in the middle of planning elaborate, future weddings (I mean, actually having a groom for my future wedding is just a minor detail, right?) we’re getting crafty with mason jars, modge podge and glitter. Unfortunately, our projects don’t always turn out like the ones the Pinterest gurus make – they’re either epic wins or complete failures. I, Davis Neary, will risk it all and attempt to make a fleece no-sew blanket in the name of possible humiliation. So, join me y’all, as I embark on my Pinterest journey.

I’m ready for this!

Project calls for:

  • 2 yards of patterned fleece
  • 2 yards of solid fleece

I selected this tribal pattern and solid orange because it reminded me of Fall.


  1. Place one sheet of fleece on top of the other, with the ‘wrong’ or ‘dull’ sides touching each other.
  2. Lay the fleece down on any flat surface: floor, dining room table, etc.
  3. To cut the fringes, you can either use a rotary cutter and a cutting mat or if you don’t have one  simply use a ruler and sharp fabric scissors. I used my Fiskars fabric scissors.
  4. Make 4” cuts into the fabric, and space them out so they’re about 1” away from each other. Feel free to improvise! I went just under 4″, because I didn’t want my fringes to be too dangly.
  5. Once you’ve completed the cutting, it’s time to start tying those knots!
  6. Be sure to double knot each time, so they don’t come undone.

In a little over an hour, I cut approximately fifty strips in both fabrics. I laid the orange fabric over the tribal pattern fabric. Then, I tied the adjacent strips together and was shocked by the finished product. Not only was my blanket super fluffy, it looked better than the Pinterest version!

(My adorable roommate not included).

So I’m happy to say this Pinterest D.I.Y. was a success! Thanks for reading along and I encourage you to try this at home.

Davis is a 4th year Dairy Science major who has a passion for tea, dressing up her rabbit, playing Pokemon and making every Disney movie she watches a sing-along.Davis tries her best to incorporate her bubbly personality into all her articles.Davis thanks you for taking the time out of your busy lives to observe and reflect on her (mostly) silly articles.Enjoy! 
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