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The pixie cut began gaining popularity in the United States in the mid 1950s after it appeared on movie screens for the first time and was sported by Jean Seberg in Joan of Arc and Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Today, many women have decided to take the bold step of getting this beloved pixie.

Deciding to chop all of your hair off doesn’t come without serious consideration. But here are the five reasons why it will be one of the best decisions you ever make:

1. It’s easy to maintain

The pixie is quick and easy to wash. There are never any tangles, and it can be styled in an infinite number of ways.

2. Hair products last for a really long time

Shampoo and conditioner (which is optional with short hair) last for months because you only need a little nickel-sized dollop to wash your hair. Styling gels and putties last much longer, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

3. It’s cool in hot weather

When summer rolls around, there’s no more complaining about the blanket covering your head and shoulders. Pixie cuts keep you as cool as can be

4. They are easy for working out

There will be no more hair-tie crises or flying strands in your face while working on that summer bod. Pixie cuts make you ready for anything life throws at you.

5. They can make you feel empowered

Pixies have the ability to make women look and feel strong and independent. It’s fun to break a few stereotypes now and then, just to mix it up.

The style has been taking over the heads of fearless women around the world. It is thought that the term “pixie” is used to describe the hairstyle because fairies are often portrayed with a short hairstyle. It’s time to bring out your inner pixie!

Katy Barnard is a Graphic Communications student at Cal Poly SLO. Her passions include photography, design and music. Katy loves going on adventures, hanging out with friends and laughing around the dinner table with her family. She is very excited to share her thoughts with the world through Her Campus Cal Poly!
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