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Perfect Study Spots Based on Your Personality Type

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

With midterms coming up soon, it can be hard to find a study spot that suits you. Check out our recommendations below for the perfect spot for your personality!

1. Are you upbeat and on-the-go?

If so, study at Starbucks!

Starbucks’ trend-setting menu and numerous locations make this the perfect study spot for a girl that’s on-the-go.

2. Are you serious and focused?

If so, study at the library!

The library is a smart spot to focus in a calm and quiet place so that you can prepare for your midterms and finals. Hopefully, being surrounded by books will help you ace your exams!

3. Are you laid-back and casual?

If so, consider studying at Black Horse!

This café is perfect for a student who wants to chill and sip a warm SLO Fog while they study. Sitting on Black Horse’s outdoor terrace surrounded by succulents and the smell of coffee is a sure way to relax while you put in some study time.

4. Are you fun and trendy?

If so, study at SLO DO CO!

SLO DO CO’s new re-vamped and expanded study space offers students a social spot to hit the books. Don’t forget to grab a donut while you’re there!

5. Are you a cozy homebody?

If so, study at home!

If you feel the most productive when you’re at your own desk, then by all means, study at home. Just don’t let the Netflix distract you!

6. Are you sunny and go-with-the-flow?

If so, study at the beach!

Listening to the crashing waves while studying for your exams is the perfect combo for someone that likes to be in the sun.

Good luck on your exams!

Meghan is a third year Anthropology and Geography major at Cal Poly.