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Orders From Your Fashion Police Chief

Your Campus Fashion Police Chief is back! Don’t worry, I’m not calling anyone out today — after all, even my law enforcement gets a little lax around the last quarter. Instead of hating on leggings, let’s talk about spring fashion.

Typically, this is the season to get rid of all the clothes you don’t wear and “de-clutter” your life/closet. But as nice as that sounds, how is the economy ever going to recover if we throw out clothes instead of buying them? Go shopping … for America. In that spirit, here are the new spring fashions I’d love to see on my hangers — and on yours.

1. Something with a tropical print

Trust me, Hawaiian prints are no longer reserved for overweight tourists rocking ill-fitting button-ups with their socks and Tevas. To ensure you don’t stray into tacky territory, pair your tropical pieces, like these Gap shorts, with clothes that exude sophistication, not “sunscreen n’ souvenirs.” I’d suggest a classic white button-up, or for colder days, a cable-knit sweater in a neutral tone. And choose polished flats or cute sandals over flip-flops or Birkenstocks. We may live near the beach, but we don’t live on it.
2. A hat
I’m about to tell you something shocking: skin damage isn’t very fashionable. Not only would this sporty-cute J. Crew Factory cap look adorable at the beach, the pool (basically, anywhere on Planet Earth with a little sun), but it will keep you safe from sunburns, wrinkles and UV exposure. If you would never wear a baseball hat, not even to a game, then this $38 American Apaprel floppy hat may be more your style.
3. Sport shorts
Let’s be real here: If you’re dressing for the guys, you’re going to go for itsy-bitsy denim shorts that would make Daisy Dukes look like nun apparel. But if you’re dressing for the ladies, try some trendy athletic-inspired loose shorts. I’d pair these with a plain v-neck, a blazer and sandals. They’d also look adorable with some slip-on sneakers like these from American Eagle.
4. D’orsay flats
D’orsay flats first became trendy last fall, which is an eternity ago in the fashion world. But fortunately, the spring runways proved they may have turned from an item of the moment to a closet staple. These would look Audrey-Hepburn-adorable with a striped shirt and black skinnies, or with a high-waisted skirt and a chambray shirt tied at the waist. If you glance down and realize you haven’t given yourself a pedicure since, oh, last spring, then this shoes are your savior.
5. A slit maxi skirt
When maxi skirts first became popular, they didn’t exactly seem “guy-friendly.” Not a hint of skin from your belly-button to your ankles? It doesn’t exactly scream seductive. As time went on, however, maxi skirts have become flirtier and flirtier as designers play with fabric, prints and shape. Their sexiness has culminated in this iteration, which is 100 percent modest … except for the huge slit up your leg. Perfect for wearing in hot wear and around hot boys.
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