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My Top 10 Favorite Foods to Eat On Campus

Although the Fall 2020 quarter had a bit of a rocky start, one good thing is that the Vista Grande Dining Facility is now open! With lots of new options to choose from, I have compiled a list of the top 10 meals that students have been eating on campus along with why students are loving these options.

Homestyle Potatoes at Brunch

“These potatoes are the perfect snack for all times of the day. They are crispy golden bite sized pieces of heaven.” – Lily Shields (PSY)

Sushi from the Grand Ave Market

“The sushi is so scrumptious and made fresh daily!” – Luke Bosworth (EE)

Gelato from the Sweet Bar

“My favorite meal is the gelato and sorbet from Dessert Bar. It’s the perfect late night treat to grab with your friends, and the best part is you get to keep the little plastic bowls!” – Nicole Poirier (COMS)

Mustang Club from the Grand Ave Deli

“Not greasy, a decent size, and it has a good mix of veggies and meat.” – Tristen Schieferle (BRAE)

Pizza Bagel from Einsteins

“The mixture of cheese, peperoni, and bagel gives the perfect flavor for a good quick meal for when I’m in a rush.” – Jack Peters (BRAE)

Short Rib Grilled Mac n Cheese Sandwich from Streets

“Making Mac n Cheese into a sandwich with short ribs is literally a dream come true.” – Jaden Merriman (ARCH)

Ham and Swiss Panini from Starbucks

“I eat this sandwich 4 times a week and is the basis of my diet. 10/10 definitely recommend it.” – Mason Donabedian (SOC)

Coffee from Front Porch

“Front Porch is a study space managed by students that has free coffee and tea and puts on events. The atmosphere is great with students that have spare time making coffee for other students.” – Jacob Siderman (PHYS)

Pasta from Mustang Station

“The pasta from Mustang station is really good in general, but our favorites are the alfredo and pesto (with lots of tomatoes) choices.” – Emily Best (ASCI) and Parker Mari (BMED)

Rawçai and Buzz Bowls from Shake Smart

“Shake smart has the freshest ingredients, and is so refreshing on hot days. It is a nice break from the greasy options at the other restaurants” – Alexandra Vollucci (ANT&GEO)

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