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Music Festival Trends that Rock!


With summer just around the corner, it’s finally music festival season! Not only are festivals known for their amazing lineups, but they are also huge summer fashion hubs.Coachella 2013 kicked off festival fashion with a variety of hot summer trends. The looks were perfect for festival fun and can easily be incorporated into your everyday look. Check out how Cal Poly girls are rocking festival looks on our style blog!


Lace and Crochet

Lace and crochet are huge music festival trends. The versatile designs can easily be paired with pastels for a feminine look, leather accents for a grunge vibe, or denim for California cute. The possibilities are endless. Lace and crochet comes in everything from dresses to shoes making this style the perfect festival trend.



Take a walk on the wild side and embrace the tribal trend! The exotic patterns are a fun way to add personality to any outfit. Not sure how to pair your tribal print pieces? Simply choose your focal piece and balance with solids.


High-Waisted Denim and Bustier Combo

A bustier during the day can come across slightly scandalous. However, high-waisted cutoffs make the top appear more like a cropped shirt than a bra. Find a bustier and shorts combo that does not show more skin than the width of your hand. The duo is the perfect trendy solution to beat the festival heat.





You cannot have a music festival without fringe! The light and airy tassels are perfect for rocking out in the hot temperatures and can be incorporated into almost any outfit for a western/bohemian ensemble.




This article was contributed by Kelly Budisch, a sophomore psychology major

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