Meet Tiffany Parra: The Cal Poly Alumna Behind

It was a hot summer day in Arizona at an entrepreneurial conference when the idea for her brand came into existence — scrunchies: centered around self expression. Agriculture business alumnus Tiffany Parra recently launched her scrunchie brand,, with spring collections that feature three patterns: Goochi Gang, Velvet Dreamz and Smiles Last 4ever.


“We set out to create a staple outfit piece,” Parra said. “I’d say each pattern has its own inspiration but at the core we wanted to create something fun and fashionable.”



With scrunchies steadily on the rise, it seems like Parra’s launch couldn’t have been more timely. In 2017, Urban Outfitters reported their scrunchie sales had increased by 170 percent. In 2018, Balenciaga models wore scrunchies in the Resort collection. At the 2019 Oscars, scrunchies were seen on the red carpet when actor Jason Momoa rocked a Fendi scrunchie with his pink tuxedo. Not to mention, other brands like Forever 21 and Pacsun are now selling scrunchies amidst this widespread scrunchie revival.


So what makes different? scrunchies are high quality and come in packs of three for only $12.99. And there are no additional fees, all domestic shipping is free. Customers can subscribe to a newsletter to stay updated on frequent deals.


“I’m confident in the product we’ve created,” Parra said. “The packaging is this incredible holographic bag, which our customers love reusing, and we offer fast, free shipping.”



According to Parra, the Velvet Dreamz scrunchies are her bestsellers. These come in mauve pink, grey and black. Out of all of the scrunchies, Parra said the Smiles Last 4ever scrunchies are her favorite. They come in blue, pink and white, and have yellow happy faces all over, making them the perfect colorful spring accessory.


Although, this is the first business Parra has started, she’s spearheaded other projects including her own podcast, Work in Progress, where she’s interviewed more than 60 young creatives, and an instagram account, @flexwithfood, that focuses on streetwear and good food.


As a young entrepreneur and scrunchie aficionado, she encourages anyone who has an idea for a business to pursue it.



“Utilize the resources on the internet like social media to promote your product and connect with people who are successfully selling,” Parra said.  “And don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is really just a path towards better strategies.”


Parra said her biggest obstacle has been gaining awareness, but she is actively growing her brand by doing interviews, and posting on the Instagram @og.scrunchies.


“I know every girl across America could rock a scrunchie, now it’s just about getting them to know we exist,” Parra said.