Makeup Looks To Try When You're Bored AF

We've all been there. Bored. Nothing to do. Well here is an idea! Try some fun new make up looks! Over the course of winter break I tried several new makeup looks. Some were incredibly fun and taught me some new skills. Others were ridiculously difficult and gave me a new appreciation for make up artists. I hope you enjoy these looks and maybe try them out yourselves! Note: My hair color changes significantly throughout these pictures because I got it done while I was back home :) 

  1. 1. Kim Possible Lip

    Nicole Poirier

    Nothing makes you feel more badass than a Kim Possible lip. Just use a black lipstick on the top lip and a nude color on the bottom lip. I used Colorsensational lipstick numbers 845 and 920.

  2. 2. Full Face Look (Fine China)

    woman with fine china makeup

    This was my first ever full face paint attempt and it was tough, but considering my lack of experience I think I did an okay job. I have so much more respect for makeup artists after attempting this look. I recreated a fine china pattern with face paint from Party City and a blue eyeliner pencil. One pro tip I have when using face paint is make sure you have a LOT of setting powder and you’re using brushes or blenders you don’t care about because it can get very messy and the face paint can be hard to wash out of a sponge or brush.

  3. 3. Rainbow

    rainbow makeup

    You can do this look as I did with matching lids, or go rainbow from left to right of your face and have two different lids. I used the Sugarpill Mini Color Palette for all the fun colors. Https://

  4. 4. Smiley Faces

    Smiley Face Makeup

    Doing makeup can help boost not only your confidence but also your mood and this look definitely fits the latter. I used face paint from Party City and a round foam brush to make the smiley faces.

  5. 5. Hearts

    woman with heart makeup

    Using tape, cut out little hearts and place them on your cheeks like freckles. Brush pink eye shadow over the hearts and peel away to reveal a super cute look! I used the Sugarpill Mini Color Palette for the pink over the hearts. Https://

  6. 6. Glam Look

    Nicole Poirier

    A classic go to makeup look is to go full on glam. This can vary from person to person but for me its classic neutral eyeshadow, a light lip, and on point highlight. My favorite eyeshadow palette is from Katherine Cosmetics, the Natural Eyeshadow Color Palette. In this look I used Siena’S Highlight from Katherine Cosmetics and the contour stick from NYX, the blush cheek stamp from Kaja, and Wonder’luxe Volume mascara from Rimmel. All set with Givenchy setting powder.

  7. 7. Flower Child

    flower makeup

    I also used face paint from Party City for this fun floral look that made me feel super artsy :) You can use your face as your own canvas for flowers, hearts or any other fun ideas you may have!

  8. 8. Edgy Liner

    double winged eyeliner makeup

    This edgy double eyeliner look instantly makes you look and feel like a bada**. Regular liner on your lid, with an added wing up top. I used A Revlon Skinny Liquid Liner and a NYX Epic Ink Liner.

  9. 9. Bare Face, Red Lips

    Red Lips

    A classic red lip with bare face can give your skin a break while you experiment with fun lip colors and lip liners. I used Kylie Jenners Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lip Liner.

  10. 10. Character Look (Violet from Willy Wonka)

    Nicole Poirier

    I had so much fun recreating a character look of Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Picking a favorite character and recreating the look can be super fun and can also challenge your makeup abilities helping you grow. I used the Sugarpill Mini Color Palette for the blue and purple on my nose and the pink on my eyelids. Https://

  11. 11. Colorful Lips, Lids, Liner

    Colorful lip, lid, and liner

    This look can be made with any combination of colors but I took my inspiration from a look Kylie Jenner posted with red liner and yellow eyeshadow. I used the Sugarpill Mini Color Palette for the red and yellow. Https://