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Long Live the Stream: How Streaming Platforms are Conquering Award Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

The Oscars, the Golden Globes and the Emmy’s celebrate the best of Hollywood—the movies that made us cry, the shows where we couldn’t stop laughing and the people who brought complex characters to life on screen. Streaming platforms are now dominating award shows with content rivaling big name production companies. Check out four big streaming services below that have swept the competition in awards shows.


Whether you have the self-control to watch just one episode of “The Office” at a time or prefer to spend all weekend having a binge-fest, Netflix is the royalty of streaming. There are hundreds of shows and movies to pick from and a percentage come from other platforms (ABC, The CW, etc). Netflix original series have racked up awards from the Emmys, the Golden Globes and even the Grammys.

  • “The Crown”: Ready for some intense 1940’s drama rooted in the British Royal Family? The show begins with Queen Elizabeth’s rise to the throne and moves on to the conflicts Queen Elizabeth faces with politics and her personal life. Watching a show that digs into the complexity of its female characters, showing both insecurities and strengths as they face being in the spotlight, is refreshing. “The Crown” has won Golden Globes for Best Actress and Best Television Drama, and Emmy’s for support and lead cast.

  • “Orange is the New Black”: follow the highs and lows in a woman’s penitentiary where a diverse group learns to coexist in a stressful environment. The cast, including Emmy-winner Uzo Aduba and transgender activist Laverne Cox, steal the show by tackling issues of race, LGBTQ+ rights and prison reform. The cast won Best Ensemble at the SAG Awards, Outstanding Comedy Series at the GLAAD Media Awards and even a Peabody.

Amazon Prime

From getting those textbooks in on time to a last minute birthday gift, Prime has been a lifesaver. Amazon’s video platform is something we didn’t even know we needed, but now the intriguing and entertaining shows have become a leading contender in multiple award shows.

  • “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”: This show gives fans of “Gilmore Girls” an opportunity to relive the magic of the show’s quick wit and power of relationships through this N.Y.C. based comedy. Trade in the early 2000s in small Stars Hollow for the 1950’s in the Upper West Side, and you still have all the talent of “Gilmore Girls” producer Amy Sherman-Palladino. The acting has been commended for bringing these larger than life characters and making them relatable. The show snagged a 2018 Golden Globe for Best Television Show—Musical or Comedy, beating out big names like “Master of None” and “Will & Grace.”


Here at Cal Poly SLO, students who live on campus can access HBO Go without paying extra fees. The platform is similar to Netflix in that dozens of shows and movies come from other networks; however, HBO based shows are simply addictive—”Game of Thrones,” anyone?

  • “Game of Thrones”: Let’s just start with arguably one of their most popular shows. The drama, violence and lust pushed the envelope when the first season aired back in 2011. The final season will premiere in April 2019 and is sure to stun us. Awards praise the show’s majority of the cast, special effects, costume design and so much more.

  • “Westworld”: This mind-bending drama constantly shocks and confounds watchers—what park are we in? Which character is aware? What is going on? It’s sure to be on our screens for years to come. The behind the scenes work, including makeup, costumes and editing, have all been critically acclaimed. If you’re a fan of how music ties together shows, the award winning composer Ramin Djawadi created the soundtrack for “Westworld” and “Game of Thrones.”


Hulu has started to make a name for itself in the awards season. This platform streams hilarious shows like “Brooklyn Nine-NIne”, “The Mindy Project” and “Bob’s Burgers.” In 2017, Hulu started to dominate the television awards. Bonus for college students: Hulu and Spotify can be bought in a package together, along with Showtime.

  • “The Handmaid’s Tale”: Based on the timeless book by Margaret Atwood, the first season sticks to its content while painting an apocalyptic world where female oppression is the norm. Elisabeth Moss, Alexis Bledel and Samira Wiley have been nominated or won awards for their performances as characters trying to break free from the country, Gilead’s, regime. This show is easy to binge watch, keeping you on the edge of your seat. The new seasons extend past the book, so it’s all fresh material, meaning everyone will be in for a surprise.


No matter which platform is going to be part of your Friday night plans, there are plenty of acclaimed shows to pick from and enjoy.




Sadie Mae Mace is a second year student at Cal Poly SLO majoring in Animal Science with a focus on Pre-Veterinary Medicine and minoring in Equine Science. Sadie Mae plans to pursue her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine after graduation and ultimately become a veterinarian at a mixed animal practice focusing on rescue and rehabilitation. She enjoys backpacking, traveling abroad, and watching vintage movies.