Little Things to Love About the Holiday Season

The holiday season always seems to arrive out of the blue; one minute it is a warm summer day in August … the next, you’re decorating for fall and preparing for cold winter nights in December. It is easy to be wrapped up in the demands of the holidays with gift-giving, seeing family or friends, travelling or trying to find plans. 

This year, we suggest taking a moment to pause right where you are amidst the chaos of the holidays to enjoy the coming of winter and holiday cheer. To do so, you can take inspiration from this little list we have compiled — or make one of your own! Below is a small list of observations to appreciate during this season: 

  • The smell of crisp morning air.

  • The moment your car defrosts, and you finally feel the warm heater blasting on your hands and feet.

  • The early morning fog evaporating by mid-afternoon — perhaps the sun even makes a small appearance.

  • Putting on your favorite pair of fuzzy socks after a long day with cold feet. 

  • The icy frosted tip of your nose when it’s below 45 degrees outside. 

  • On the contrary, your nose defrosting after being exposed to the elements.

  • Picking out a new beanie, boots, scarf or sweater.

  • Making playlists of your favorite holiday songs.

  • Holiday themed cups at Starbucks. 

  • How bright the streets become at night with holiday lights and decorations. 

  • Heading to a parade with a cup of hot chocolate in your slightly numb hands.

  • Opening your window to a chilly December night, and wrapping yourself in blankets and pillows. 

  • Taking off multiple layers after coming inside from the cold.

  • Decorating your living space with holiday colors — blues, golds, greens, reds, silvers. 

  • The moment when you step onto the ice with the intent to skate, and your body no longer feels the paralyzing cold.

  • The smell of freshly baked goods coming from a cafe or your oven. 

  • Bath and Body Works holiday scented candles. 

  • Perusing all the new annual wrapping paper designs.

  • Old Navy holiday pajamas.

  • Slippers. 

  • Peppermint flavored EVERYTHING.

  • Curling up by the first fire of the winter season.

  • Netflix cheesy holiday rom-coms 

  • ABC’s “25 Days of Christmas” Special. 

  • Some little 5 year old is sitting on Santa’s lap in a mall somewhere.

  • Eggnog. 

  • The success of building a gingerbread house from those Micheal’s gingerbread house kits.

  • Admiring Target’s collection of tacky holiday sweaters.

Image via Unsplash

Feel free to document little moments of your holiday season that bring you joy. The best way to do this is to be present in your life as often as you can. Stop and count the number of things you either see, smell, hear, taste, or touch that remind you of the warmth of the holiday season — perhaps even write them down.   You can enjoy other parts of the holiday season by finding a little something you want to do during the holiday season that reminds you of its cheer. Get a Starbucks coffee in the holiday cup, blast the heater in your car to defrost your extremities, open a window and bundle in blankets. Remember to look up this holiday season from the distractions of cell phones and infinite to-do or gift-giving lists to see all the magic happening around you.