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Kala Babu The Business Beauty

Name: Kala Babu

Year: Junior

Major: Business with a concentration in Information Systems

Her Campus: So, where are you from?

Kala: Oh! I’m from a quant little town called San Ramon up in the East Bay. Uhm I live with my dog and my parents and an older brother. I went to Dougherty Valley High School which is now known for its rampant marijuana use. What else? That’s about it.

HC: What are you involved in on campus?

K: I am part of Alpha Kappa Psi which is a professional business fraternity open to all majors. I really want to get involved in KCPR after doing their open mic night. I was also involved in service years and forum which spreads awareness to alternative career paths.

HC: What is one thing someone would not know about you if they looked at you?

K: Oh…uh…I got a hipster soul.

HC: In what ways do you express your hipster soul?

K: I write poetry.

HC: Nice! What do you write about?

K: I write about domestic abuse and sexual assault.

HC: Okay, now we are going to do a rapid fire round. I will ask you a question and tell me your immediate answer. If you were ever caught dead, where would it be?

K: Probably the gym.

HC: What are you thinking of doing right now?

K: Just drinking this Starbucks refresher like a basic gal.

HC: If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

K: Probably Lucile. Because it sounds like Lucifer.

HC: What do you do to have fun?

K: I used to play water polo.

HC: If you could have an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be?

K: Probably water. Cause we are in a drought yo.

HC: I know you like to do open mic nights? What made you want to do it and why? Would you recommend other people to do it?

K: So I was initially going to sing for open mic night because I have terrible stage fright. The only time when I sang was when I was young and doing Karnataka music. Over a year ago I was performing with my musical better half Mo and we have our thing going called Momo and Abs.

Later I got to get over my stage fright. So I signed up to do it..uhm.. late actually but they are super chill. I had a guitarists I met with a couple days before the event and it was a mess. Then I was like well I can’t sing in front of people so I will read poetry for the first time in front of people.

I do think everyone should do open mic night whatever talent they had.

HC: If there is one thing you would tell your five year old self what would it be and why?

K: Stop picking your nose when people aren’t watching because people are!

HC: Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus?

K: On campus in the arboretum. Off campus I like going to Bellamundo.

HC: SLO Bucket list?

K: A night run in Prefumo when the clouds are not obscuring the sky. Because you can see all the stars there.

HC: If you could choose one superpower what would it be and why?

K: My serious one is like to persuade people to do things. My silly one would be to make peoples pants fall off whenever I want them too because when I see someone who I really don’t like I just want their pants to fall off in the public. I think that would be funny.

I am a second year Business Major at Cal Poly SLO! When I'm not procrastinating about midterms or homework, I love watching the Ellen Show, watching Tasty videos on Youtube and hanging out with friends.
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