How to Lose a Job in 10 Ways

Want to hit the ground running at a new job, grab the attention of your boss and even get closer to that promotion? If yes, then here are 10 things you definitely should NOT be doing.  Check out our work don’ts list.  


1. Lie

Most people lie at work because they’re afraid of the consequences or don’t want to make their boss mad.  But HELLO! Imagine how much angrier your boss will be if he or she finds out you have lied.  Yikes. Don’t give your co-workers a reason not to trust you.

2. Admit You Are Miserable

Every job or internship has its perks and its downfalls.  Sometimes you have to do the dirty work….and that’s okay.  But you should never complain about your suffering, since  you want to come across as someone an employer can count on.

3. Engage in TMI

Don’t talk about inappropriate subjects at work, especially when there are plenty of people around to hear.  Yes, we can hear you talking about your late night booty call, even though you were whispering.  Off-limit topics include your sex life, political leanings, finances, bowel movements, tattoos that are supposed to stay under clothes and the like.

4. Talk Trash

Don’t do it! Even though you just discovered the most Perez Hilton worthy dirty deets, you must keep it to yourself. Spreading rumors means other co-workers won’t trust you and it’ll seem like high school wasn’t that far in your past.

5. Smack Your Gum

This is a huge pet peeve for some people. Not only does it come across as immature and rude to those you’re talking to, it makes it seem like you’re too good for your job—which your boss won’t like.

6. Use Your Phone (Obnoxiously)

Silence your cell phone or at least put it on vibrate.  Don’t be the one to have your phone go off during a meeting…awk.

7. Constantly Ask For Help

Don’t ask for help when you haven’t tried yet (or asked Google).  It’s good to ask questions at first to clarify how to do something, but employers want you to be independent after training.  They wouldn’t have hired you if they thought they would always have to hold your hand.  

8. Blame Someone Else For Your Mistake

It’s okay to make mistakes, we’re only human.  Take responsibility when you mess up—it shows maturity and accountability.

9. Hit On Your Boss/Co-worker

Come on now ladies, we are intelligent beings. Having an in-office romance can get real messy, real fast. Plus, PDA in an office environment? Big no- no.

10. Call in Sick When You’re Fine

This usually fails miserably. If your boss finds out you’re really not sick, say goodbye to your job. Is skipping waiting tables one night to watch Netflix really worth the loss of that steady paycheck?

Good news. If you can manage to not do these 10 things—which let’s be real, shouldn’t be too difficult—then you’re well on your way to Employee of the Month! Or at least, Employee No One Hates. We’ll buy you a coffee mug.