How to Join the Fight For A More Inclusive Campus

Unless you live under a rock, you as a Cal Poly student have heard about the blackface incident at Lambda Chi Alpha's brotherhood event on April 7, 2018. After the fraternity lied through their teeth about the context of the original photo, a second photo was released showing more racially insensitive content from that event. The first response was Lambda Chi Alpha being placed on probation along with all other Cal Poly IFC chapters. Now, all Cal Poly Greek organizations have been placed on suspension. In terms of a response from University Administration, Jeffrey Armstrong has stated that "That's [referring to blackface] very, very likely protected by free speech, and freedom of expression", so he will not be expelled from Cal Poly.

In response, students have protested and boycotted. From Farmer's Market to Open House, students at Cal Poly continue to show the administration that they have had enough. In solidarity with Black and Latinx students, many student allies demand the administration take greater steps towards a more inclusive campus. 

 If you are wondering how you can join us as we try to create a more diverse and inclusive campus, don't worry boo, I got you. Here are some clubs you can join today! (In no particular order.)

1. Cal Poly Students for Quality Education

As outlined on their website, this group "fights for a more accessible, equitable and higher quality CSU." Here you will find ways to join the fight and quick updates on what's happening on campus. Also, scrolling through the Cal Poly Students for Quality Education Facebook page will give you the opportunity to inform yourself of problems on campus, such as this Cal Poly Factbook that they posted on April 10. 


2. Black Student Union 

According to the PolyCultural Organizations, the Black Student Union is a "social club that works to promote Black culture on campus." They've been a very visible group working for an all-inclusive school. By joining this group you'll be putting yourself in a great position to work towards a better school.

Photo Cred: Aidan McGloin | Mustang News

3. Movimiento Estudiantil Xicano de Aztlan

MEXA (pronounced Mecha) describes themselves as "A student run organization dedicated to promote higher education amongst Xicanx/a/o identifying students, as well as give back to the community." In a statement of solidarity following the Lambda Chi incident, MEXA has again affirmed their support in those making Cal Poly an inclusive space. 

4. Queer Student Union (QSU)

 QSU is a group dedicated to "actively improv[ing] Cal Poly's campus climate for queer identified students through activism, community building, and social programming." 

5. Pilipino Cultural Exchange (PCE

This powerhouse student club "prides itself on providing a home to anyone who seeks it." After 30 years on this campus, the PCE is a great group to find a safe space and make a difference. Check out for upcoming events their Facebook page