How to Improve Your Gaydar

Where did you meet your significant other? That is, if you’re dating someone right now (if not, don't even worry). You never hear about, “Oh, well Max and I met in math class, and I just wasn’t sure whether or not I could ask if he was straight? There’s just no good time to do that, you know?” Well, that’s basically what gays and lesbians have to worry about when meeting their new love interest. And that comes with some difficulty…so, here are some things to look for in a girl to help you with figuring out whether she’s actually into women or not.

Does she sport a rainbow pin on her backpack?

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! Many members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies have those wildly popular ribbons on the outside of their backpack. I probably see at least twenty every single day just walking around campus. At first, I thought, "Oh, maybe this is a secret game that all the lesbians play to send gay signals to each other from class-to-class." But, sadly, it is not that simple, and anyone can decide to put a pin on their bag, whether in support or because they are actually gay.

Does she have a pixie?

This is a widespread stereotype of lesbian women. It has become especially confusing because this haircut has grown in popularity within the last few years. Now, you can’t even tell whether a girl is gay or she is just super gutsy at the hair salon. That being said, I know a lot of lesbians who do have short hair, so it can often be a helpful hint.

What is she wearing?

There may be some more clues in what clothes she has on. For instance, a snapback hat (preferably a five-panel worn backwards) is a good starting point to know that your gaydar is working properly. Additionally, if she is wearing a button-up shirt fully buttoned to the collar, there may be a chance she is checking you out too. As for shoes, Doc Martens, Vans Sk8-His and sandals that are way too practical to be cute are all commonly worn among the lesbian community. But style is sometimes a hard thing to gauge gayness on because she might just being a super rad gal or an art student.

What sport does she play?

The most stereotypical lesbian sports portrayed in movies and TV shows are softball and tennis. But, those shows had to get their ideas from somewhere, right? There is some truth behind this fact, but it is not completely true. But those lesbians that do play sports are usually really, really good—so keep that one in mind.

What car does she drive?

We all know that the Subaru Outback wins gayest car of the year every single year, but two close seconds include the Prius and the Jeep. These very practical and all-around solid cars are perfect for women on the go, and are particularly marketable towards lesbians. But, as college students, we don’t have a lot of say in what car we inherit down from our parents or grandparents, so this stereotype might have to wait five or ten years until the lesbian of your life can afford one.

There are many more lesbian stereotypes that can maybe help you find your dream girl. But honestly, how someone looks and acts does not define their sexuality. The best way to find out is to get to know her and ask, or better yet, she will feel comfortable enough to come out to you. That is the only way to truly know if someone is gay or not—and then the adventure begins from there.