How To Get Harry Styles' Tickets

If you didn't know, Harry Styles just announced his next album, "Fine Line" to be released December 13th. Styles' celebrated the album announcement with a one–night only concert at the Forum in Inglewood.

Did we mention tickets are only $25? Talk about generous!

The Forum has a capacity of 17,500 people according to The Madison Square Garden Company. However, with Styles' millions of fans, obviously not everyone can get a ticket. But if you were wondering how to better your chances, here are some tips!

  1. 1. Presale code who?

    To get the presale code, you need to preorder and item from the Harry Styles' store. The cheapest item is the CD album (who has CD's anymore?) and it is going to cost you about $21.64 including taxes and shipping. The face value of the CD is $13.98.

  2. 2. Pray to the Harry Styles' shrine (we know you have one)!

    Okay maybe you don't have one, but at least cross your fingers.

  3. 3. Have a good wifi connection!

    It's just the worst when you're about to click buy and suddenly your wifi shuts off and decides not to work. It always works out that when all the tickets are gone, it suddently starts working again. 

  4. 4. Wait patiently as the 2,000+ person in line.

    This was a long wait, urging the tiny man to walk along the purple line and let you get your tickets you want so bad.

  5. 5. Quickly realize there's no tickets left and cry.

    Once you get out of the queue and realize rather than little blue dots signalling tickets, there are just gray sections, meaning no tickets left. Then you look at the resale sites and see $25 dollars tickets selling for $9,000. A sad day indeed.

If you tried to get harry Styles' tickets, what was your experience like? And if you did get tickets, could you spare one? I swear I'm super fun at concerts! Let us know in the comments below!