How to Get a Bikini Body in Time for Summer

With a city full of outdoor activities, from the beach to beautiful hikes, the Cal Poly community is very focused on being fit and active. While this push for health and fitness has its advantages, it also creates an environment that is, at times, too focused on size and looks, excluding a large portion of the community.   

As summer is nearing, students around campus are talking about elaborate regimens they are following to get ready for bikini season. Achieving a “bikini body” is much simpler than counting calories and spending hours at the Recreation Center. So, skip the juice cleanses and follow these steps below.

  1. 1. Find the bathing suit of your dreams

    Take a break from studying, get your best girlfriends and go shopping for some new bathing suits. There’s SLO Swim in downtown as well as one of our online favorites, Zaful (keep in mind they do take longer to ship so order them soon). Find something that makes you feel confident and gets you excited for the season.

  2. 2. Plan some beach days

    It is important to create a balance between classes, outside commitments and time in the sun. If you don't have time to make it out to the beach, make an effort to go lay out by the pool or on any of the lawns around campus.

  3. 3. Put on bikini

    Yes, it’s really that simple, and just like that you have a bikini body!

  4. 4. Have an amazing rest of your spring quarter and make memories this summer

Everyone's bikini body is going to look different and we should celebrate those differences. Spend less time worrying about the way you look this summer and focus more on spending time and making memories with the people that care about you!