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How To Find The Ideal Subleaser

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.


Subleasing can be a really scary proposition. Because the lease is still under your name, you’re responsible if the subleaser doesn’t pay rent or damages the room. Or worse! Finding a good subleaser is all about being able to select who you think will be responsible, and that means you need a large pool of applicants to pick from. Here is a list of ways to find the perfect subleaser.

1. Post everywhere

Don’t just post on one Cal Poly housing Facebook group. Post it on as many as you can find. Just make sure it’s actually a housing group. You should also create a listing on SLO’s craigslist! The more places you put the listing (that are appropriate), the more likely the right person will see it.

2. Post repeatedly

Posting ads isn’t a one and done deal. You’ve got to keep posting them – albeit not excessively – so that they’re renewed to the top of the page and new searchers will see them. 

3. Put pictures on your listing

Responsible potential subleasers are more likely to contact you if your listing has pictures because they’ll want to know what the room looks like before they commit to it. In general, pictures are a good idea because a) if you make them look nice and aesthetically pleasing, people will want to stay there, and b) people won’t have to ask for them or for a tour. 

4. Recruit your friends

Let your friends know that you’re subleasing your room so that if any of their friends are looking for housing, yours is first on their list. Friends are also a safer bet when looking for a good subleaser because you know their tendencies and they’re less likely to stiff you on rent. The same goes for friends of friends. If your friend trusts them, you probably can too. 

5. Vet your applicants

Social media can be a tell-tale of your potential subleaser’s personality. If they have any, you should check their social media to see what kind of person they are and how they react to confrontation. If it seems like you’ll get along with them and won’t have a problem working things out if problems arise, you’re good to go. You could even ask who they previously subleased from (if they did at all) so you can talk to them about your potential subleaser. 

6. Combine listings with other people in your apartment

Make your listing competitive by combining your listing with your housemates or linking your listing to theirs if they’re also trying to find subleasers. Your listing will be more enticing because applicants will be able to live with their friends which is a huge bonus. 

7. Offer incentives

Another way to make your listing competitive is to allow interested parties to negotiate the price of the room. You can also offer to pay for their wifi or utilities. Sometimes you’ve got to give some to get some. 

If all else fails, contact the building admin/landlord to see if you can transfer your lease to the next person. Many places will actually allow this (cause they still get paid) and you’re absolved from any damages or liabilities. A win-win if you ask us! And while you’re at it, blast this empowering playlist to help you find that perfect subleaser. 

Andrea is a Communications Studies major at Cal Poly SLO. She likes to spend the day chatting, reading, or exploring new places, and her favorite snack is a Caribbean Passion from Jamba Juice paired with fresh-popped popcorn. If you see her on campus, she'll most likely be daydreaming about traveling to far-away places or thinking about adopting another kitten.