House Hunting: 5 Ways to Stand Out at a Showing

The time has arrived to start planning out where you’re going to live next year. In a college town, house hunting is difficult because everyone, and we mean everyone, is looking for something pretty similar. With a developing limit in San Luis Obispo, it’s not getting any easier. In order to help you get your dream home or apartment for the next year, here are some tips to help you stand out at a showing. 


  1. 1. Have your entire group there and dress nice  

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    Many groups of people just show up to an open house with only some of their roommates, so you could really stand out if you have your entire group. While it is not always feasible to get your entire group there, it can help to give the landlord a realistic picture of who is going to be in the house. It also shows that your entire group is dedicated and really interested. It’s also important that you all look nice, so consider dressing up a bit, sweats are just not going to cut it. We’re not saying you need to wear a full suit, but some jeans that aren’t ripped and a nice shirt can go a long way!

  2. 2. Consider bring your resumes and making a group cover letter

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    This can really help in cases where there are many people at the showing and the landlord might not remember you. This way they can look back after talking to many groups and see exactly who your group is and all of the extracurriculars you take part in. It also shows that your group is dedicated and serious about the property.

  3. 3. Be ready to introduce yourselves to the landlord

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    This can be a very scary step, especially if there are a lot of people at the showing, but it is crucial. The landlord needs to get to know you and your roommates, so they can see that you all are responsible and will take care of their property. Just remember to be yourselves and show the landlords how amazing you are.

  4. 4. Have questions ready

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    This is really important! Do your research ahead of time about the property so you know what to ask. Do not ask a question that is already clarified on the listing, that will show that you didn’t do your homework and aren’t taking it very seriously. Consider meeting with your roommates beforehand to make sure you all are on the same page.

  5. 5. Make sure you apply before going

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    If you are really interested in the property, you should apply before you go to show your interest. That way when you go to introduce yourself to the landlord you can mention that you already applied and ask about their timeline.

House hunting in SLO is hard, but these simple tips can help you and your roommates have an edge over the other applicants. Still have questions? Check out some of our other House Hunting articles!