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Hit the road, Jack: What to pack for your winter trip

So you’re going on vacation over winter break — lucky you! But now you have to figure out how to cram a mini-wardrobe into that little suitcase without sacrificing comfort, style or the maximum weight requirement at the airport. Although it’s true the people you meet while traveling won’t know if you repeat the same outfit every day, Facebook albums never lie. With some strategic planning, you can pack perfectly, guaranteeing you’ll look awesome in every tagged pic.


These charcoal corduroy pants from Nordstrom work for both sight-seeing and a night out.

Key word: versatility. Your tribal-print leggings may look great with boots and a V-neck, but what else will they really go with? Leave the leggings at home in favor of easy-to-match basics like jeans in a multitude of washes, skirts in neutral colors and dressy pants for those fancy hotel dinners or holiday parties. Pack approximately one bottom for every two days; for example, if you’ll be gone two weeks, you should bring seven or eight bottoms. And don’t forget to bring tights and thick socks for layering purposes!


Converse are super cute and great for days spent walking around.

Unfortunately, shoes take up a ton of space in your suitcase, which is why it’s best to only bring two or three pairs. Go for sneakers, like Converses or these Supergas, and some boots. If you know you’ll be dressing up, you might be tempted to stuff in some stilettos — but nice flats will take up less room and still look adorable with your cocktail dress. As a bonus, you can also wear those flats with casual outfits.


The lace detail on this Free People sweater is girly and sweet.

Since it’s winter-time, it’s fairly safe to assume that wherever you go, it will be a little chilly. Stay warm by packing sweaters and shirts that you can easily layer; knits, in particular, are ideal. Take along three or four tank-tops (tuck one into a skirt, add a cardi and flats and you’re ready to go to a classy restaurant), a couple shirts in basic colors, two less “plain” tops and several sweaters.


This cherry-red American Eagle coat will make you the brightest, most polished tourist ever.

You’ll want to bring three or four jackets or hoodies, but their thickness will depend on your vacation spot. Brisk temperatures? Pack light jackets that you can easily take on and off. Freezing cold destination? Take along a fleece or a puffer jacket. No matter where you go, a fashionable but warm coat is an essential. Coats can be thrown over every outfit, and unlike dresses or shirts, can be worn day after day.


Have you ever seen anything more darling than this Anthropologie North Sea beanie?

A little accessory goes a long way! Cute hats, scarves and gloves are the perfect way to jazz up your on-the-go outfits while keeping you toasty and taking up relatively little space in your luggage. Don’t pack any jewelry, however, as it can be easily lost or stolen while you’re traveling.

Use the pointers in this guide, and you’ll have a fabulously chic vacation wardrobe ready to go. Bon voyage!


This article was contributed by Aja Frost, a freshman English major.

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