Here Are the Starter Packs for the Bars of Downtown SLO

If you've ever been to the bars of Downtown San Luis Obispo, you know that each one of them has it's own vibe. The city has quite the eclectic collection of nighttime establishments, full of the finest libations. But how are you to know which bar to go to? And can the bar dictate the type of night that you will have? Look no further, we've got your back! Below is a list of comprehensive starter backs for the bars of Downtown SLO, so you never have to aimlessly wander up and down Higuera St. before picking where you want to spend an unforgettable (or maybe forgettable?) night out. 

Bull's Tavern

  • Has anyone ever ordered anything here besides a bullsweat and/or a beer?
  • You probably don't stay here for longer than five minutes, which is why no one has ever seen the bathrooms of this place
  • Someone here is always celebrating a birthday
  • You probably own a t-shirt from here and where it with pride

Creeky Tiki

  • People are always double fisting because somehow it's always 2 for 1s
  • You are guaranteed to spot a familiar face somewhere in the bar
  • Always a great start to a night you won't remember
  • Never has a cover charge... BLESS

Frog & Peach Pub

  • Always has a dad band playing some rad live music
  • S'British
  • Makes you want to smoke a cigarette, even if you swore you never would
  • You may get weird looks on the patio if you don't have at least one of the following: a facial piercing, an obscure tattoo, dark lipstick, edgy clothing

SLO Brew

  • One of the most diverse crowds you will find in a bar: the frat crowd always migrates towards the center, the band groupies are up by the stage, and the old folks are on the outskirts of the bar reminiscing on the good ol' days
  • Makes you feel like a beer connoisseur
  • Has the cleanest bathrooms in all of downtown


  • Everyone's sweaty, even the people who aren't dancing
  • There's one corner of the bar that always smells like vomit, no matter what... always
  • Seemingly forced to either dance on the tables or become irrelevant
  • Claims to be a restaurant by day, but we beg to differ


  • Great for not talking to anyone because you're too busy dancin'
  • Also great if you are not prone to seizures because the strobe lights may give you one
  • Also great if you only listen to remixes, because that's all they play... ever
  • Perpetually sticky floors

Well there you have it. Hopefully the next time you and your pals decide to hit the town, these lists will assist you in deciding where you would like to spend one wild night. Cheers!