Here Are Some Strange, Cal Poly Out-of-Context Quotes

Ever get bored of your music playlist walking from class to class? Is people-watching no longer doing it for you? Well, take out your earbuds Mustangs! Cal Poly has more to offer than an education. Hilarious out-of-context quotes are constantly floating around campus; you just have to listen.

“So, my phone isn’t broken. Just nobody wants to talk to me.”

“If I don’t bring my phone I’ll have to take mind pictures!”

“They’re called memories.”

“Now I have to go to Home Depot and explain that I need a new toilet handle.”

“Can you keep my bones?”

“We should just kill her. Or not. At least I have ideas.”

“How is that cool? He just got taken out by a gazelle.”

“It’s a unique experience.”

“It’s hot and I’m out of cocaine.”

“Hey, hey! So yeah, I have a hole in the ground that we dug…”

“I need something stronger than coffee but less than cocaine to get me through this week.”

“It’s Monday. All day.”

“Bless you, my child.”

Sometimes the best stories are the ones you only hear part of.