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Her Campus Cal Poly’s Guide to Junior Year

College is undeniably a unique experience; one that allows us to explore our independence while still struggling to learn how to properly adult. We learn so much more about ourselves with each passing year, which ultimately makes us never want to leave campus and face the real world.

Junior year is one of the most bittersweet years we will experience in college. We’ve finally made it back to that highly coveted upperclassmen status, which also means we are terrifyingly close to graduation. Being halfway through college is such a hard concept to comprehend, but at least we can all try to accept it together.

The best part about being in our third year of college is realizing that we’ve actually made it this far, and nothing can hold us back anymore. We’ve conquered all of our freshman year fears about not finding the right friend group, and even the scramble to secure housing for sophomore year. Now, we are finally settled into our dream majors and studying in our perfectly decorated off-campus apartments with our closest friends. What could be wrong with that?

Well, maybe the fact that even though our social lives may be at their best, our course loads are the worst they’ve ever been. We may love that upperclassman title, but we hate the upper-division courses that come along with it. Say goodbye to the carefree days of taking GE’s, and hello to more all-nighters than you ever could have thought possible. College is fun, right?

Those countless hours spent studying will finally start to feel worth it when you get to send off your resume to potential internships and feel like you actually have a chance of getting one this time. Junior year is the prime internship time since it allows us to explore our options a bit more before having to apply for real careers after graduation. It also lets us show off the skills we’ve learned in the classroom in a real work environment. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your hard work pay off.

Junior year may be one of the most difficult years of college, but it can also be one of the best. After years of working towards a bachelor’s degree, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now is the best time to reflect on what we’ve already accomplished, and what we still have left on our bucket lists. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and experience new things while you still can – you might regret not making the most out of your time at Cal Poly!


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Taylor Petschl

Cal Poly '18

Taylor Petschl is a Cal Poly SLO alum and is currently attending Boston University for graduate school. She is a former campus correspondent and editorial intern for Her campus! 
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