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Haven and AlcoholEdu Replaced by Not Anymore

An email sent to all Cal Poly students on August 31 revealed the replacement of sexual assault and alcohol awareness trainings, Haven and AlcoholEdu, with a new training titled Not Anymore.

The training was mandatory for all Cal Poly students, both freshman and returning or transfer students. The training also required that students score at least an 85 percent or higher on all quizzes and final tests within the program.

Although, the training is similar to previous Haven and AlcoholEdu trainings, many students had mixed feelings towards the new training.

For third year art and design student Calista Lam, the Not Anymore training was not any more effective than Haven and AlcoholEdu.

“The acting parts were really strange, and I feel like a lot of the situations they set up were a little far from reality. [It was] almost too staged and awkward so [it was] a little distracting, and I wanted to laugh the whole time which is bad since it’s about serious issues,” Lam said.

Other students, such as fourth year journalism student Kenzie Nicoli, echoed similar concerns about the training.

“I think it’s good that Cal Poly gave us a more engaging learning experience that shares real stories to help us realize the actualities of sexual assault and alcohol-related incidents. I just wish that this pro-activeness was reflected on their side when it comes to taking action against reports of sexual assault, for example not letting a multi-accused rapist roam free on campus. These training create the impression that they care are preventing sexual assault when the reality for victims is a long, gruesome, emotionally daunting process for no reason as justice is rarely served,” Nicoli said.

Originally, the program was due on September 13. However, an error prevented a large amount of students from completing the program on time. An email was sent out to students extended the deadline to September 19.


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