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As a Guy, Here are a Few Things I Wish Girls Would Text Me

We here at Her Campus Cal Poly know how rough the dating game can be. What did he mean by that? Should I respond?—we’ve all been there. Well, fret no more about what to say to the next hunk of hombre you’re tailing. Below is a list of easy texts every male human would be overjoyed to receive.


1. I’m a guy, but what can I say? I love to have tea—preferably in a garden—and my guess is that other guys secretly do too. Ladies, try this one out next time there’s a special man you’re hankering after. He just might love the quirky date idea!

2. Guys love a girl who can chow down and grub out. Contrary to the popular belief, held by approximately zero people under the age of 50 in 2017, which states that women should never eat anything except water, your man will love it if you text him asking him out on a food-centered date! Insider tip? Guys love food, too. Wrangle some of those tasty morsels with your beau.

3. Confession: we guys are a vain bunch. There’s just no way around it. Ladies (actually, this totally applies to guys texting guys they’re interested in as well, of course), if you want to keep a man interested, make sure to tell him he is the main thing. Is it petty? Yes. Will it work? You better believe it.

4. This one is for a special case. If you just so happen to work at your man’s credit card company, he will absolutely love it if you text him with this news! I know that, as a man, if a woman who was a representative from my credit card company texted me this, I would be thrilled.

5. This text is also for a special case, but much less specific. If your boy toy happens to text you something like, “Hello, would you like to get a cup of coffee with me?” or “Oi, fancy a pint after work then?” replying with the lately stated text is a great strategy. By saying, “Yes, I would love to!” you’re telling your guy that you are in fact interested in the date suggestion he has made. This is a must if you actually want to go on the date proposed.

6. I have never met a man that doesn’t go nuts over beanbag chairs. You text this, you’re in. Case closed.

Good luck texting your guys, ladies and gents! 

Lorenzo is a Cal Poly SLO undergraduate Philosophy major and social justice advocate. He enjoys strong black tea and hiking on cold days. Though a student of logical conceptual analysis at heart, his interests also include feminism, social and political equality, applied ethics, and modern cultural theory.
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