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Are you looking for some fun weekend plans? Well some of my best times have been at house shows! However, unless you know the right people, it can be hard to find out about house shows until it’s too late. Thankfully, the bands will usually post on their Instagrams about upcoming shows. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of local SLO bands and their Instagram accounts so that you never have to suffer from FOMO again. 



Golfdads wowed us at Shabang last year! They’ve got a great mix of rock and funk with some sexy saxophone riffs. 

Dudeo Perez


Ultimate surfer rock vibes! They’ve sold really sick shirts and passed out free CDs at shows before.



Punk rock and so much fun! They always dress a little crazy which makes it a great time to be at their shows.

Sko Gen


We recently discovered these guys, and they’ve got major groove! You gotta check ‘em out!

Pancho and the Wizards


These guys bop around SLO and Isla Vista. They’re also punk rock, and you can pretty much bet on a mosh pit forming at one of their shows.

Grand Ave


Are you a line-dancing, road-tripping, country lover? Here’s a SLO country band for you.

The Bogeys


Their spotify describes their music as “alternative surf pop.” They’ve got some cool experimentation going on with their instrumentation.

Strange Case


Some more groovy surf rock that is sweet as honey. They’ve got nice ambient harmonies and strong vocals.

Toro Oro


Have you noticed a trend yet? These guys are alternative rock as well. They’ve got a noticeable bass drive and a garage band sound.

Hopefully you can discover more local legends with this compilation! While we tried to bring all the bands onto one list, we’re bound to miss a few, not to mention all the new bands that form each year. However, you can use this as a great starting point to discover all the sick music SLO has to offer. House shows are cheap and so much fun! Get down with some friends and support SLO artists.

Wendy McCullough is a fourth year English major and Graphic Communications minor at Cal Poly SLO. She is the campus correspondent of the Her Campus Cal Poly chapter. Wendy is pursuing a career in publishing and design. When she isn't writing for Her Campus, she's surfing, hiking, jamming on guitar, and watching cheesy romcoms.
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