'Frozen' Review: You're Never Too Old for a Little Disney

I’ll admit it: I was skeptical.  Coming back home for winter break, I was immediately greeted by my twelve-year-olds sister's uncapped excitement for the latest Disney film, "Frozen." As her Christmas present, I promised to take her to the movie. After watching the trailer, I was prepared for another cheesy Disney storyline: a princess finds her true love and befriends talking woodland creatures. I was sure I’d be sitting in a packed theatre of 7-year-olds and their parents, waiting for my negative preconceptions to be proved right.

As soon as the movie began, all my preconceived notions vanished as I became immersed in the musical, animated and witty movie that is “Frozen.” The story tells the tale of two sisters, Elsa and Anna. Born with the powerful, yet sometimes harmful, ability to turn things into ice, Elsa leaves the city of Arendelle abruptly, seeking isolation from those she may accidentally harm. The movie focuses on Anna, the younger, quirky and adventurous sister, as she embarks in a quest of finding her sister and lifting their city from the curse.

The movie is perfect for anyone from age 5 to 90. It was a day well spent and a movie worth watching. I walked out of the theatre in high spirits, came home and immediately began listening to the songs on repeat. I became obsessed, and I advertised the movie to anyone who would listen.

I left grateful for Disney, and for the wonderful movie they created and shared with us. Just last night, I was in my dorm room belting out “Let it Go” with a girl who I had only just met, and we bonded over our love for the movie. Once focused on repetitive tales of true love, damsels in distress and charming princes, Disney has evolved to create more unconventional plots, though it never fails to charm the pants off their audience. Sure, the humor may have been a little juvenile, but the entire audience laughed.

It’s a pretty amazing feat to unite a population so diverse, yet Disney does it with just a couple of songs, a couple of jokes and some animated characters.