Friendsgiving: Why It's so Important in College

There’s just something so special about the holiday season. It’s a time full of food, hopefully surrounded by those you care about, lots of laughter, and appreciating your blessings.

However, as wonderful as traditional Thanksgiving is, with large amounts of potatoes, turkey, and all the stuffing you can *stuff* in your mouth, a new kind has arisen for those coming home from college: the beloved Friendsgiving. 

Before college, you may have never given a second thought to the convenience of your group of friends; I never did! Seeing the same people everyday became a comfort zone for many of us. Perhaps, even something we all took an advantage of!

However, there is something about the holidays that brings us all together—whether it’s the food, the leaves falling or the pumpkin spice in the air. In the few days of a much needed break (especially during the quarter system), everyone finds a way to be surrounded by the people they love most. For so many of us, it’s our best friends.

Maybe it’s been months since you’ve seen them, or weeks since you last spoke; maybe the closest interaction is commenting on their newest Instagram photo! Whatever it may be, Friendsgiving is not only a popular trend, but also a way to rekindle old friendships or foster new ones.

Being away from home for months at a time, you are bound to create a “home away from home” with the new people you meet. Yet, finding the time to sit down around a table (literally or figuratively) and spend quality time with the family you chose is so important.

With how busy everyone becomes, whether is a new job, or school, or simply tasks of life, stopping to “smell the roses” over yummy food gives the new friendships you have made away at school a chance to develop as you bond over new traditions.

Also, recognizing the importance of the friendships you left behind is equally as important. You and your friends chose each other to be there through thick and thin! They deserve love and recognition during the special time of giving thanks. Some may even argue, they are more important than family.