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The Emotional Rollercoaster of Trying to Get a Ticket to The Chainsmokers

As Cal Poly students, we were spending our Thursday afternoon diligently studying away for our midterms just like any other week seven… that is, until the much anticipated The Chainsmokers concert date was released. Concert sponsor, tilt, announced that The Chainsmokers would be taking over the Cal Poly Recreation center Wednesday, March 30th. 890 tickets were already sold, but the final tickets went on sale today.

So at 1 p.m. today… the battle began.

Depending on how successful you were in pursuit of these golden tickets, you probably experienced some part of this emotional journey.

1. The wait.

You probably stopped your studies to sit with both your laptop open to the tilt site, as well as the app open, card information in hand, waiting as the clock approached 1 pm.

2. The refresh… And the crash.

As the clock finally struck 1 p.m. you refreshed the screen as quickly as you could only to find that the site was already overloaded and had crashed. You panicked and frantically refreshed the page in hopes that the beloved “Buy Now” icon would have popped up and you could secure your tickets. For many, this moment never occurred.

3. The denial.

1:06 p.m. came around and instead of a server error message, you got something even worse… Sold. Out. You stared at the screen in complete disbelief. Why do bad things happen to good people—right?

4. The Facebook craze.

The fight was not over yet. You quickly switched over to The Chainsmokers event page and posted saying you will buy tickets at a very high cost. You MUST go to this concert.

5. Tickets secured… or not.

A miracle occurred—you found a ticket! You only had to pay nearly three times as much as the original ticket price… what a steal! But, you do not care. You are going to The Chainsmokers! Or, you are still searching every Cal Poly student group that exists on Facebook just to find your tickets. 

Hopefully today worked out in your favor, and if not, we hope you aren’t too severely emotionally damaged by the stress and emotional rollercoaster we all had to endure just to secure a spot at this incredibly exciting event.

Junior at Cal Poly, SLO. Co-Campus Correspondent. Lover of dogs and laughter. Music Enthusiast.
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