Eliminate Girl Hate

Have you ever (in your WHOLE life) negatively judged a girl you’ve never even met? Was it because of the weird or provocative way she dressed, how many boys she hung out with, how confident she acted or how successful she was? Or, even worse, perhaps it was because of the way she looked? (We’ve all heard the term “b*tch face” before…)

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions--or if you know girls have judged YOU for any of these reasons--you have experienced a not-so-scientific-diagnosis known as Girl Hate.

Symptoms of Girl Hate include feelings of competition, jealousy, annoyance or intolerance of other females for reasons that can be as petty as “something about her just bugs me.”

Chances are, you’re already familiar with Girl Hate, and you’re not alone! Girl Hate happens everywhere: schools, workplaces, families... and, the worst part is, when you add Girl Hate to our currently male-dominated society, life only gets more difficult for us ladies (real talk).  Without respecting each other or lifting each other up, how can we expect to shatter the glass ceilings of the patriarchy?

Girl Hate must be eliminated. It took me until high school to realize that friendships among females are hugely important and necessary. For one thing, they last longer than many romantic relationships, which is pretty incredible. There’s probably something about all the estrogen and empathy that makes female friendships vital to our well-being. After all, who else can you talk about periods to, cry your eyes out with, or ask for honest fashion or relationship advice?

Now, before you ditch your boyfriend or male friends, remember that a balance of different relationships is necessary. Sometimes it’s great that males typically don’t perpetuate drama or get worked up about our emotional situations, but female friendships provide a special support system for women that male friendships simply cannot.

Friendships among females are relationships to be thankful for and celebrate, so there’s no better time for me to tell you about Cal Poly’s first ever Galentine’s Day event! If you’ve ever seen TV show Parks and Recreation, you know that Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) hosts “Galentine’s Day” the day before Valentine’s Day to celebrate her lady friends. At Cal Poly, we want to do the same thing--just a week earlier.  

Happening on Thursday, February 5 at both UU Hour (look for the Gender Equity Center booth) and from 6 to 8 p.m. at Chandler Lounge (UU room 220), Cal Poly’s Galentine’s Day will spark discussion about Girl Hate as well as celebrate female friendships everywhere with activities, giveaways, food and a photo booth. See you and your lady friends there! Who knows, you might make new ones too!

Together, we can eliminate Girl Hate.


*Photo credit: Amanda Peterson, Graphic Communications junior