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Do Moms Make Good Business Partners?

Has Bath and Body Works popped its own bubble for you? Tired of the same Thousand Wishes scent you have been smelling for the past five years that is now just renamed Beautiful Day? Put aside the lotions of yesterday, Honestly Margo is the brand for you. This mother-daughter team creates bath and beauty products that nurture our bodies. Their products embody natural and organic ingredients, are cruelty-free, and are manufactured in America. Margo’s brand mission is to celebrate women’s empowerment, to dream big, and to know that anything is possible. A perfect match for the Her Campus women.

My mom actually stumbled upon Honestly Margo’s line in the UCLA Bookstore. One morning, I swiped her Fruity Colada Fiona Lip Balm and instantly fell in love with the oversized chapstick. After swearing by the Burt Bees Pomegranate chapstick for the past 3 years, I was hesitant to adopt a new lip balm. I hopped onto the computer later that same day and ordered my own oversized Very Berry Ruby Lip Balm. I also ordered the Bubblegum Destiny Roller Girls Roll-On lipgloss which reminds me of the fruity roll-on lip gloss we would share at slumber parties. 

In addition to the great lip glosses, Honestly Margo offers an aromatherapy line. This collection includes balms to help relieve headaches and clear sinuses, hand and body lotions infused with essential oils, shower mists to soothe your senses, and salt soaks to relax your muscles. As a migraine sufferer, I recently tried the serenity vapor balm and found it to be effective. Some of the other collections with colorful names include the Unicorn, Goddess and Signature collection. If any of this sounds appealing to you, you might want to check out their site at https://honestlymargo.com/

What caught my attention on this site was not just the great lip balm my mom was using; what piqued my interest was this mother-daughter team. Personally, I would feel lucky if I could go into a business with my mom and I bet she would feel the same. I witnessed Honestly Margo do just that. While my mom and I do not have any plans to start a capitalist adventure anytime soon, the closest partnership we seem to have is…whatever the mother buys, the daughter tries!   

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Clare Zianno

Cal Poly '24

Hi everyone!! I am a 2nd year English major at Cal Poly, editorial staff member at CP Her Campus, and love anything pop culture :)
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