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DIY: Clay Jewelry Bowl

I’ve always loved wearing rings, so having places to put them is essential. I have found myself collecting little trays and bowls over the years to put my jewelry in, and I recently found a DIY article for making one of my own. This article shows you how to make your own jewelry tray, which I will demonstrate in a DIY below!

All you will need for this project is Sculpey Clay, lace trim or a lace doily, a rolling pin, wax paper and an oven-safe bowl.

First off, roll out your clay to about 1/4″ thick and make it a little bit bigger than you would like your bowl to be. Next, take your lace and place it where you would like on the clay and use the rolling pin to make an imprint.

You will need to find a circular object such as a bowl that you can use to cut out the shape of your jewelry tray.  Place it where you would like it on your clay and use a knife to cut the excess clay off.

Once you have done this, place it in your oven-safe bowl and put it in the oven, following the instructions on the clay packaging.

After you are done baking, your bowl is finished. I used a nail file to sand down some of the edges and get off any baked-on chunks.  I also decided to shape a little bird out of clay, bake it and glue it onto the bowl to add some extra character.


Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!

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