Decorate for Fall with These Adorable No-Carve Pumpkin Tips

Fall means pumpkins. Pumpkins mean endless decorating opportunities. The classic option is to carve your pumpkin, but what if you want your pumpkin to look good all season long? If you’re looking for  some original decor ideas, look no further for some do-it-yourself tips and tricks!

1. Fill them with plants

Pick up some bold sunflowers, colorful wildflowers or long-lasting succulents for an elevated table centerpiece.

2. Add bold patterns with paint

There’s no limit to what you can do with paint and a pumpkin. Make it subtle or bold. Go for classic polkadots or a crisp geometric pattern.

3. Create some not so furry friends

Woodland creatures are festive throughout fall, so these decorations will carry you all the way through Thanksgiving! Make some foxes and then give them some friends.

4. Make a decoration that is also functional with chalkboard paint

The ultimate reusable decoration. Anytime guests come over or a new wave of inspiration takes over, simply grab a wet paper towel and a fresh piece of chalk and you have a brand new pumpkin.

5. Let them sparkle with sequins

A great way to take a rustic decoration to the next level, sophisticated enough for your fall cocktail party!

6. Decorate with words and numbers

Want a new way to display your house numbers? Want to display favorite words or quotes about fall? Add some paint for a background and then grab a paint pen for clean lines!

7. Class them up with some lace

Lace and pumpkins may not seem like a winning combination, but after seeing them it’s easy to tell why it’s such a great idea: quick, simple and chic.

Now go forth and be crafty!