Clubs of Cal Poly: Ethical Eating Club

Plant-based eating has become increasingly popular in recent years--and for all the right reasons! Here at Cal Poly, a group of students known as the Ethical Eating Club have used their collective passion for animal compassion, environmental awareness, and a healthy lifestyle to organize a befitting on-campus coalition for vegetarians, vegans, and prospective-vegans alike. 

The Ethical Eating Club is a newly official club on campus that promotes eating that is respectful towards animals and environmentally sustainable. Their community promotes plant-based dietary options both on-campus and in their everyday lives. As the Ethical Eating Club is a relatively recent addition to our extensive club directory, they hope to establish a more active presence on campus and in the SLO community while educating as many as possible on the advantages of ethical eating.

A major way in which they are doing this is by getting involved with many off-campus organizations in the true Learn By Doing fashion. Recently, the Ethical Eating Club hosted Animal Equality’s “iAnimal” in the UU, an event where participants used virtual reality to gain insight into the animal industry. They also help out with the Vegan Outreach booth at the Farmer’s Market, which gives out free (and delicious!) vegan cookies every 3rd Thursday of the month. The Ethical Eating Club has no fear when it comes to having their voices heard!

Because they are an event-oriented club, meetings vary in terms of subject, but they’re always pushing forward. Currently, they alternate Thursday and Friday evening meetings, at 6pm in Building 53, Room 215. The club also likes to hold food-oriented social events (like getting vegan donuts now served at SloDoCo!), so their Facebook is worth keeping an eye on. They welcome anyone with an open mind and a willingness to try new, plant-based, ethical foods.

Facebook: The Ethical Eating Club, Cal Poly SLO

All photos provided by the Ethical Eating Club