Clare Welch: Chief Recruiting Officer of Kappa Alpha Theta

Name: Clare Welch

Year: 2nd

Major: Music

Her Campus Cal Poly: Describe your position in Kappa Alpha Theta Theta?

Clare Welch: My job is to organize recruitment. I am in charge of all aspects of Kappa Alpha Theta's membership selection, including planning formal recruitment. I plan recruitment workshops and bonding activities within the chapter as well as work with recruitment committees and recruitment deputies. There's a lot of organization involved, from Public Relations to crafting to deciding who we want to ultimately give bids to. Executing the entire process during the week of formal recruitment in the fall includes a lot of preparation.

HCCP: What do you think about Greek life as a whole at Cal Poly?

CW: I think it's a very unique community, which is unlike any other community I know of. It's diverse and inclusive, and I think that being a part of it has taught me that Cal Poly has done a very successful job of defying negative stereotypes and connotations surrounding Greek life in general.

HCCP: What inspired you to go for the Position of Chief Recruiting Officer in Theta?

CW: When I went through recruitment as a first year, I personally thought that the recruitment process was very interesting, and it was something I wanted to learn more about. I immediately applied for a smaller Executive Recruitment Board position, which gave me the chance to have insight about being in a leadership role for recruitment before becoming an executive officer.

HCCP: What is the most important thing you’ve learned from the experience so far?

CW: The most important thing that I have learned in this position so far is having the best interests of the chapter as a whole in mind while I’m making every single decision.

HCCP: Favorite thing to do in SLO?

CW: I’m from Reno, Nevada, and I like that SLO has a small town charm and feels like it's a friendly and welcoming place. There are so many different things to do but my favorite thing to do is to go to Montana De Oro and just sit on the beach in the sand.