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Campus Cutie: Joseph Gagliano

This is Joe and he’s reaching for the stars while also remaining one awesome, down-to-earth person.
Aerospace Engineering with an astronautics concentration 
What do you outside of school?
I play frisbee.
Tell us more about frisbee!
It’s a really good way to be active while making good friends. You don’t get the crazy athletes. You’re surrounded by people who are smart minded, down to earth and have a good time. 
What did you want to be as a kid?
Part of me wanted to be an astronaut. Other parts wanted to be math teacher and a fireman.
Do you like to cook?
I cook a lot. Lots of spaghetti, meats, rice, eggs and I love making brownies.
Who’s your celebrity crush?
Keira Knightley, she’s a babe.
What would you make her for dinner?
I would cook a mild salmon taco/fajita mix for K.K.
What’s your spirit animal?
It’s between a kangaroo or a cheetah, but my friends have called me the “Italian stallion.”
Favorite show to watch on Netflix?
How I Met Your Mother. Obviously.
What matters most to you?
I like to make sure people are taken care of. I saw that a lot in my dad and how he took care of a lot of things for me and made my life easier. 
Secret Weakness:
I’m terrible with words. I’ll say a lot of things. English majors can have one word for everything I’m trying to say, but I’m just going to say the 20 words around it.
Olivia Doty is a 3rd year journalism major at Cal Poly, getting her undergraduate degree while minoring in media arts and technology. This is her first year writing for Her Campus and when she's not typing away you can find her reading Harry Potter, throwing a disc or watching cute puppy videos on Youtube around campus. She loves to hear and share stories ranging anywhere from silly to serious. Her favorite pastime is curling up after a long school day with hot chocolate and a good TV show on Netflix.
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