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Campus Celeb: Anuja Argade

Meet Anuja! She’s sweet, loves to write and is an excellent baker. 

HCCP: Name/Year/Major/Hometown

Anuja Argade: Anuja Argade/ 3rd/Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration. I’m from Foster City, CA.

HCCP: What is your involvement on campus?

AA: This year I’m a writer for Her Campus, a member of Real Food Collaborative and a member of the Student Dining Committee. I also work at Sage!

HCCP: What is your position at Her Campus Cal Poly?
AA: I’m a writer for our chapter of HC and I love it. I’m sticking to only writing this year because it’s more challenging for me. It helps keep my mind sharp and active.
HCCP: How are you involved in Real Food Collab?
AA: For RFC, I help out wherever they need me. I do food prep, I serve food for hungry students at our venue on Dexter Lawn and I provide general support for the club!
HCCP: What is your dream career?
AA: I think the ancient scrolls have decided that it is my destiny to become a pastry chef.
HCCP: Favorite meal of all-time?
AA: Two years ago, my awesome brother brought me along on his business trip to St. Louis, Missouri. One night we made the best decision ever to go to this fabulous, sticky, colorful place called Broadway Oyster Bar at 11 pm. Long story short: crawfish enchiladas.
HCCP: Favorite show to binge watch?
AA: I recently got into Parks and Rec (holla at the RPTA pun) thanks to the five free episodes on Hulu. I want to marry all of the characters, and that’s not something I say often! But now that I’ve watched those five episodes, I don’t know what to do with my life. If anyone wants to split a Netflix account with me, feel free to message me via carrier pigeon. I’ll keep the bird feeder loaded.
HCCP: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
AA: I have this planned out: In 10 years you can find me in the rolling vineyards of Spain, tending to my herd of sheep, hen and kittens. I will own a small brick home in the countryside and live the simple life. In my downtime, I will stay bunkered in my home and catch up on all of the Parks and Rec I failed to watch during my time as an undergrad at Cal Poly. This is what I’m shooting for.
Frances is a third year currently studying Journalism and French at Cal Poly SLO. She hails from the Bay Area where you can usually find her in her local Philz, chugging a caffeinated drink. She is a firm proponent of boybands, rain, Shonda Rhimes shows and the occasional In N' Out run.
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