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The #1 playboy bunny, Holly Madison, got real on the podcast, Call Her Daddy, sharing many intimate details of what it was like to be in the spotlight during her 20’s as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend. We learn about her relationship with Hefner, her relationship with the other playboy bunnies, and the internal struggles she faced throughout her time in the playboy mansion. This article is going to dive into the top 3 points that were uncovered in this episode. 

1. A Toxic Household

Holly made it quite clear that living in the playboy mansion was a toxic environment. She explained that she felt very isolated and alone at times because all women were pit against each other. The bunnies finally started being nice to her when they realized she enjoyed spending time and socializing with Hefner and his close friends. Since none of the bunnies wanted to be Hefner’s main girlfriend, they really pushed Holly into that role (being the new girl she was). Not knowing any better, Holly felt honored that the other bunnies thought she would be a great fit as Hefner’s #1 girlfriend — she had no idea what she was stepping into. 

2. The Rules

It was shocking to learn about the rules that the bunnies had to follow. From a 9:00pm curfew to spending a weekly allowance (and not being allowed to save that money) it was evident that Holly felt restricted at times. Holly explained that if other bunnies caught people not spending their allowance in entirety, they would tell Hefner so he would give that woman less money. There was no true privacy in the house, and it was hard to get quality alone time.

3. A Cry for Help

Holly went on to explain that she struggled with depression while living in the mansion. When she brought these struggles to Hefner, he didn’t let her see a psychiatrist. Hefner required her to go to someone he knew personally. Holly described how living in the mansion affected her mental health in ways that she didn’t even realize. It wasn’t until she officially left that she was finally able to take care of herself.

Listening to this episode was extremely interesting because people were able to hear about the in’s and out’s of the playboy lifestyle and what Holly learned about herself during her time as a bunny. Through the highs and lows, it’s clear that this experience shaped her into the woman she is today. Since then, she has written two books, appeared on television, and is currently raising two young children.

Megan O'Grady

Cal Poly '21

Megan O’Grady is a fourth year Child Development major with a Psychology minor. She’s a sucker for astrology, sex + relationships, and deep talks. When Megan is not writing for Her Campus, she’s most likely dancing, watching music videos, or thinking about Harry Styles.
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