Cage the Elephant's New Album is Coming and We Can't Wait

Recently Cage the Elephant released their third new single of this year. Hopefully you’re familiar with the name Cage the Elephant, but if not you might know their hit song “Trouble,” “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” or “Cigarette Daydreams.” You can be sure that we are fully fangirling over this exciting moment. So far, Cage has released “Ready to Let Go,” “House of Glass” and “Night Running” (in that order). With each release, we get closer and closer to the release of the new album, “Social Cues,” forecasted for April 19, only three weeks from now! NME reported the new song titles and they look fantastic.



So what can we expect from the new album?

Great things! The new singles are really promising. Out of all the singles, “Ready to Let Go” sticks to their roots the most. It has exceptional guitar riffs, Matt Shultz’s distinct voice and, like all of Cage’s music, mixes slow moody verses with headbanging choruses.

“House of Glass” takes a few more listens to like, but it's sure to grow on you. Matt Shultz’s voice seems to be holding back or distorted for effect, which emphasizes the almost chant-like quality of the verse. The main strength of this song are its incredible lyrics. Like all Cage the Elephant songs, it also has a really distinct beginning, one of our favorite aspects of Cage.

That brings us to the newest addition, “Night Running.” This song is definitely the outlier, but in a great way. For this song, Cage collaborated with Beck, another really well known singer who rose to fame in the early 90’s for experimenting with many genres including alternative rock, folk, and lo-fi. His newer stuff has a more pop feel than Cage’s stuff, but they have similar cores. We were impressed by how their voices compliment each other so well. This song has a larger electronic influence which might be partially due to Beck’s contribution. The beginning riff is really fresh and catchy.



Our take away

All of the new singles are very distinct from one another yet manage to fit into the classic Cage sound, something so difficult to do. We could not be more excited for all that will come in the new album. Cage the Elephant is going on tour soon with their new music so look out for tickets near you if you’re loving this as much as we are.


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